Tabriz rug can be introduced as one of the most attractive and famous Persian handwoven rugs, which is very popular all over the world. Few people are active in the field of carpet weaving and have yet to hear the name of the city of Tabriz. The main characteristic of Persian Tabriz rugs is the presence of a very wide variety of colors, which has made the carpets of this region of Iran to be among the best-selling and most expensive carpets, which, in addition to their quality, also have extraordinary beauty.

In this article, we intend to review the history and main characteristics of Tabriz handwoven rugs and provide a complete guide for choosing and buying these exquisite carpets.

History of Tabriz Rugs

Maybe you know that the World Council of Handicrafts has named Tabriz the "World City of Carpet Weaving." This city's art of carpet weaving dates back to the Safavid era. Tabriz rugs, whether they adorn prestigious museums in the world or those that warm small houses in remote villages, shine on the art of this country.

The weaving of colorful and glazed Tabriz rugs has a long history. This city was one of the significant centers of carpet and rug production during the reign of Helakokhan Mughal, and it tried to shape the art of carpet weaving on the heels of the city of Herat in old Khorasan. The carpets of this city have always been in the interest of domestic and foreign markets because of the durability and design of Tabriz carpets, as well as the delicacy of the texture.

More than 500 years old Tabriz rugs have made this city one of the oldest and most ancient weaving centers of handwoven carpets.

Persian rug history

Tabriz Rugs Size

Tabriz rugs are usually woven in any size and can be an ornament of any home with any meterage. The most commons are 8 x 10 rugs and 9 x 12. Also, pictorial carpets are woven with large dimensions in this city and are very suitable for houses with long and wide walls.

Tabriz Rugs Material

Tabriz rug's warp is mostly cotton and very strong and durable, and the weft is wool. But silk rugs are also woven in Tabriz. Most of its silk is procured from Khorasan and Tehran.

In the case of Persian Tabriz carpet lints, the appearance of these lints is neither shiny nor silky, and this is true for other types of Iranian carpets as well. We see this phenomenon in new carpets with a very delicate texture and even in old ones. The lack of transparency and dryness of these carpets is due to their dyeing and the use of salty water in Tabriz, which has a lot of salt.

tabriz rug

Tabriz Rug Price

Generally, a Persian carpet is one of the most expensive carpets in the market. Tabriz carpet is one of the exquisite types of Iranian carpet. Most of the rugs that you see under the title of Iranian carpets all over the world are Tabriz carpets. The price of Tabriz carpets is determined according to the size, number of knots, whether the pattern is exquisite or not, whether it has a signature or not, etc. Actually, like an artistic painting, it is not easy to determine the price of a Tabriz carpet.

In Cyruscrafts online store, you can find a wide range of low or slightly high prices for Tabriz carpets. You can be sure that it will be the most reasonable price.

What Is the Design and Structure of the Tabriz Rug?

The pattern and design of Tabriz rug during the last seventy years have been mostly mixed with vases, trees, mihrabs, lanterns, hunting, Herati, foliage, clay border, woven landscape, Quranic frame and geometric designs. It is interesting to know that Tabriz weavers don't seem interested in runner rug weaving.

tabriz rug design

Common Colors in Tabriz Rugs

These carpets, some of which are made of silk, are mostly woven with Lachak and Toranj designs and with light beige and pea colors. Eye-catching magenta, juniper, olive, and syringe colors are also used in painting the flowers and arrangements of the Tabriz rug.

Tabriz Rugs Knots 

The most finely woven carpets in Iran are woven in Tabriz. The knot is symmetrical or Turkish with a hook. 

The carpets woven in Tabriz in the count of knots (raj) are as follows: 25, 30, 50, and 60 knots per 7 cm. The higher the number of knots per 7 cm unit, the finer, more delicate and more exquisite the carpet. Our customers in USA and Canada often prefer carpets with a count of about 30.

Features of Tabriz Rug that Distinguish It from Other Carpets

  • Tabriz carpets are generally high quality and finely woven
  • Tabriz rugs have a wide variety of colors
  • The lints of this type of Iranian carpets are usually short, and very skilled weavers do this process
  • The fibers used in Tabriz handwoven carpets are of high-quality materials
  • The use of light shades that create depth in the pattern of the Tabriz carpet

tabriz heriz rug

Tabriz carpet design is not left without customers in the shop, nor is it neglected in a house by its owner. It is always auspicious and customer-friendly and attracts and dazzles the eyes of every viewer in every corner of the world, from every culture and tradition. 

This article talked about the Tabriz carpet, this unique artistic masterpiece. But remember, you can always find the best Persian rugs, including the most exquisite Tabriz rugs, at Cyruscrafts at the best price.

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