Chess is a classic mental sport that requires concentration as a key fact. But don't worry about it because learning how to play chess and understanding the layout is not complicated at all. Pay a little attention and follow the rules we'll explain in this artic. With some practice and experience, you'll be able to defeat your opponents and achieve victory on the chessboard.

No matter how old you are, there is always time to start learning chess board setup. The Chess board game is one of the most popular games in the world, and it's surprisingly easy to understand the rules. In this section of CyrusCrafts magazine, we've provided the most important rules to get started playing chess.

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Chess Borad Layout 

The chess board setup is a square board with eight rows and eight columns. The design of this board is a form of black and white squares that are placed together. There are 32 of each color, and they total 64 squares. This game is played by two players, each of whom has 16 black or white pieces.

Success in Chess layout (tata letak catur) depends on the ability to analyze and abstractly understand the mind.

The set up a chessboard is as follows: In front of each player, there are vertical columns labeled with alphabet letters, and from left to right, they start from A to H. The horizontal rows are numbered from 1 to 8. The row with The number 1 is in front of each player, while the row in front of his opponent is the number 8.

Also, in the chess layout, sixteen white squares are placed in 16 houses in rows 1 and 2, and 16 black squares are placed in 16 houses in rows 7 and 8. It is important that the rightmost square for both players is white.

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Price of Chessboard

The price of the chessboard varies depending on the type, size and quality. For example, the price of inlaid wooden table chess, which is considered a handicraft product, is a little higher. The Khatamkari chessboard is considered a luxury product. And it can be called a decorative product. Also, you can give it to your loved ones as a gift.

To understand more and closely see the beauty of the handicraft chess table and its desktop type, visit the "chess backgammon set" page. It should be noted that shipping products from the CyrusCrafts online store are free to all of Canada and the United States.

Chess Clock

The chess clock is essential in managing tournament time. And it is also used to set a time limit for players to complete their moves, and if a player's time runs out before their opponent's, they lose the game.

However, don't worry about using a chess clock if you are learning chess for fun. It's not necessary to have one while playing casually, and you can save your money by skipping it. The focus can be on enjoying the game without the added pressure of time constraint.

Chess Board Pieces 

Chess board pieces are called:

  • Pawns
  • Bishops
  • Knights
  • Rooks
  • Queens
  • and kings

The chess board layout has two types of pieces, including white and black. For example, there is a white pawn on one side, and a black pawn on the other side, and this rule also applies to other pieces.

chess pieces names

Chess Board Arrangement in Chess Learning

Setting up the chessboard is quite simple if you follow these guidelines. When you open the chessboard layout, each player will have several black and white squares in front of them. Chess pieces are always arranged according to the same rule, and the second row must be filled with pawns.

We start from the corner and place the two rooks in the corner of the order, and then from the two sides of the knight, two bishops, and the king and the queen.

King is the most important piece in chess. and king moves and placement is a basic topic for chess players. In Chess board arrangement, the white king should be positioned on the dark square, the black king must be placed on the white square, and the remaining square is reserved for the queen.

chess board setup

In Chess Learning, How Chess Pieces Move

Chess pieces move differently. The pieces cannot pass the other, and they cannot occupy the place of another piece, and if one of the chess pieces moves is out of the game, they can take its place. Also, pieces can move back to defend themselves.

How to Move the King in the Chess Layout?

The king is the most critical piece in the chess piece's move and the chess layout, but it is actually the weakest. The king piece can only move one house but in any direction. Up, down, right, and left or zigzag. The king should be kept from the game as much as possible, and when the king has no defense, it is called Check.

chess layout

How to Move the Queen in the Chess?

The queen is the most powerful piece in the chess pieces move, and it can move in any straightforward direction, and even if it goes through the house, the queen chess piece cannot pass the piece in front of it. The queen can be attacked like any other piece in the game, and below, you can see how the white queen knocks out the black queen, and then the black king is forced to move.

How to Move the Rook in the Chess Game?

Rook can move to as many houses as he wants in the chess game, but the point is that he is only allowed to move forward, backward, left, and right. Rooks are robust vertebrae and can be essential in caring for other vertebrae.

How to Move the Bishop in the Chess Setup?

In the chess board set up, the bishops can move as many houses as he wants. Still, he only has the right to move diagonally, with the condition that the bishop must only be in a square the same color as itself. It must only stay in that color.

How Should We Move the Knight in the Chess Board?

Knights are slightly different from other pieces on the chess board. They must travel two squares in the same direction and one in the other; Their movement must be L-shaped. Knights are the only vertebra that can pass over other vertebras.

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How to Move the Pawns in the Chess Layout?

In the chess layout, the movement of the pawns is a bit unusual, and they can only move forward but be attacked sideways. The pawns only have to move forward one house. Still, they can only move two houses in the first move. To attack the pawns, you only have to attack sideways and forward, and they can never turn back.

Special Rules in the Game of Chess

Some special rules in chess may not seem logical initially, but they have been created for more excitement.  

How to upgrade pawns?

Pawns have another unique ability. And that is, if the pawn successfully completes the path in front of and reaches the other side of the game board, it can become another piece in the game. In this case, the pawn can play the role of any other piece. Some people think the pawn can only replace the removed pieces, but this is not true. Usually, pawns can play the role of queen, and only pawns can use this rule.

How to have a castle in chess?

Another special rule in chess board layout is castle building. This rule allows you to do two things with one move: take care of your king and bring the rook back into play, and castle building applies when we move the king two squares left or right, and then Let's bring the king from the side corner to the right, and of course, the things mentioned in the rest of this article of Cyruscrafts magazine must be observed in it:

  • It should be the king's first move.
  • It should be the first move.
  • No piece should have moved between the king and the rook.
  • The king must not have become a cult or even rejected the cult.

chess board set up

Who should move first in chess board?

On the chess board, the first move should always be from the side of the white piece; in this way, white always moves, and black follows him; in fact, the white piece has an extra chance and can attack black with vigilance.

How to Win in Chess?

There are many ways to win a chess game, including Check and checkmate, removing pieces, retiring, making mistakes, etc.

How to checkmate the opponent?

The purpose of playing is to check and checkmate the opponent, which happens when the king becomes Check and cannot save himself.

There are three ways to save the king from check:

  • Take it out of the check state and move it.
  • Close the check way with another bead.
  • Let's attack the piece that killed the king.

If the king cannot escape checkmate, the game is over, and the king can never be kicked out of the game.

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You can also read about Alireza Firouzja, the youngest chess genius, in the CyrusCrafts online magazine.

Four Simple Rules in Chess

Four simple rules in chess that every person should know:

  • Watch out for the king

Move the king to safer parts of the game, and no matter how close you are to checkmate your opponent, you must be careful not to checkmate your own king at the last moment.

  • Do not throw out the pieces

Keep beads carefully because each bead is valuable and can play a role in Check and matting.

  • Control Chess Center

You must pay attention to the center of the game and the pieces. Taking care of the center of the game allows you to move more and have a higher opportunity to attack.

  • Use all the beads

It is better to put more pieces into the game, increase your chance of movement, and decrease the opponent's, which will give you more opportunity to attack the queen.

Generally, increase your skill by increasing the number of games. One of the most important things that make you an expert in this game is the high frequency of the game. It doesn't matter if you play this game at home with friends or family members or if you play online; only in both modes will your skills increase.

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Draw in Chess

A chess game sometimes does not end with one side winning, but the result may be a draw. 5 reasons for the game to be tied are:

  1. Players agree to draw.
  2. There are not enough pieces on the chessboard to checkmate.
  3. Repeat a specific position for the beads 3 times.
  4. 50 consecutive moves are made, but no player moves his pawns or removes the opponent's pieces from the game.
  5. The position of the pieces should be brought to a situation where a player's turn comes, but his king is not in the king position and no other moves can be made for his other pieces.

CyrusCrafts' Last Point about Chess

In response to your question about chess, we must say that chess is helpful for every person in terms of spirit and personality. Chess is considered the mother of sports. Chess is a mental game requiring strategy and tactics that proper training and further studies can make you a good chess player. Chess knows no age. You can play at any age.

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