A Navy and Grey Living Room makes the whole house look fantastic. The combination of navy blue and shades of grey is a mixture that brings a sense of neatness and youth. So, if you wonder if it's OK to design a modern grey and navy living room, go for it. You may ask yourself whether navy goes with grey for living rooms. It is among the most popular interior trends in the USA and Canada. This blog post will show living room ideas in blue and grey samples.

navy and grey living room

Living Room Ideas Blue and Grey

Since, as humans, we are unlimited in creativity, there could be numerous living room ideas in blue and grey. For example, you can combine navy blue and grey with other colors, paint the walls in navy using outstanding sofas in grey, or many other innovative ideas. Here you go with the idea of combining grey with navy blue for decorating a unique living room.

living room ideas blue and grey

Combine Grey and Navy Blue with a Third Color

Of course, only grey and navy blue are not enough to decorate a living room. You will need a third or more colors to combine with navy and grey. Here are the best colors that go with these two primary colors for your unique living room:

  • Neutral Colors: Earthen or neutral colors like beige, cream, ivory, light brown, etc., are versatile colors that can easily match other spectrums. You can use them sparingly; a few neutral accessories are sufficient.

navy and grey living room with neutral colors

  • Gold: Golden is a color that you can use in every interior design style, besides a wide range of color options. You can achieve an elegant navy and grey living room by adding golden decorative items.

navy and grey living room with gold

  • White: White is the color that goes with every single other color you think. You can add white to a grey and navy living room using a white rug, curtain, wall art, etc.

navy and grey living room with white

  • Green: Green includes a wide range of shades proper for being used in interior designs. Olive, sage, mint, and jade are the most trendy green schemes you can add to grey and navy.

navy and grey living room with green

  • Sky Blue: Sky blue goes well with navy blue. Moreover, it is fantastic in combination with grey shades. So you can use it in a combination of those two, undoubtedly. A blue theme makes the room peaceful.

navy and grey living room with sky blue

Use Navy Blue Accent Furniture in Grey Living Room

Painting walls in light grey is typical these days. Furthermore, grey furniture has many fans all around the world. So if you already have a grey living room and want to renew its appearance at a low price, you can add a few navy blue accents, such as stunning sofa chairs, footstools, coffee tables, cushions, etc. Adding accents costs low but affects significantly.

navy blue accent furniture for grey living room

Add Art Pieces in Blue and Grey Color Shades

Masterpieces and artworks are essential for lavish interiors. But you don't need expensive ones to have a lovely home. Art pieces, such as canvas paintings, Persian miniature paintings, handwoven wall rugs, decorative plates, handmade candy bowls, etc., can add aesthetic to the space. And you can easily find all these items by surfing the CyrusCrafts online shop.

artwork for navy blue and grey living room

Modern Grey and Navy Living Room

Both grey and navy blue are among the popular colors of modern decorations. You will need modern interior design tips to design a modern grey and navy living room. Before designing a modern grey and navy blue living room, it is better to know the suitable color combinations for this style. So stay with the following to know how to combine colors for a modern grey and navy living room.

modern grey and navy living room

How to Combine Colors for a Modern Grey and Navy Living Room?

Knowing how to combine colors for a modern grey and navy living room matters because misplacing them could change your design style. Hence, remember and follow these color combination tips to have a marvelous modern navy and grey living room:

  1. Avoid applying numerous colors. Choose one or two prior colors besides navy and grey, and limit the accessories in other colors to one or two.
  2. The best colors for combining with navy and grey are neutral, white, green, gold, and light blue spectrums.
  3. Don't overuse any color, even the two primary colors, grey and navy blue.
  4. For a modern design, you can add metallic, silver, and black, for example, by adding a modern sofa.
  5. Plants are always good options that bring live colors in addition to the live souls.

combine colors for a modern grey and navy living room

You have briefly reviewed attributes for designing a navy and grey living room. Please tell us your innovative ideas about the issue by leaving a comment. Remember that CyrusCrafts international online store offers the best quality Asian handmade and organic products at the best price with shipping to the whole world. The products include Persian handwoven carpets, woodcarving furniture, home decor items, clothing, accessories, and foods like saffron, pistachio, and caviar. For ordering any product, you should only fill out its order form or send a message to our WhatsApp.

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