Which carpets are washable?

Despite their ability to tie a room together, rugs can often be difficult to clean, and in high-traffic areas, it may be difficult to avoid stains, spills, and other messes. 

The ability to wash the carpet is a huge bonus. Accidents happen, and when spills do, having a washable area rug takes a lot of stress away. The question is, which Iranian carpets can be washed?
A general rule of thumb is always to check the manufacturer’s directions before washing. Not all rugs can stand a run through the wash, but many can.

We spoke to experts about the benefits of washable area rugs and what to consider when shopping for one. We also compiled some top-rated options based on their guidance and recommendations. Here’s a quick guide to the washable rug.

What Is the Best Washable Rug on the Market?

To give you an idea of the washable area rugs on the market, we compiled some highly rated options across price points and use cases based on our experts’ guidance and recommendations. A machine-washable synthetic fiber, such as polyester or nylon, makes each of these rugs water-resistant.

Types of Washabe rugs

Both synthetic and natural materials can be used to make washable rugs. A rug should be washable if all the materials used to make it are. Popular washable rug materials include:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Olefin/Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Viscose

Make sure you check all the rug materials before you wash it. Many machine-made rugs have jute backing. Unlike other fabrics, jute absorbs water and is unsuitable for washing machines. So always check the care label before chucking your rug in the wash. If the label is unclear, try to contact the manufacturer. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Of course, washable rugs can also be classified according to their use:

  • washable kitchen rugs
  • washable runner rugs
  • washable bathroom rugs
  • washable doormats
  • washable outdoor rugs

Washable Cotton Rugs

Because cotton rugs are one of the washable rugs. Cotton is one of the most popular natural rug fibers. The price of cotton rugs is affordable, and they are also comfy, cozy, and wash up well in the washing machine.

Since the cost is inexpensive, a worn-out cotton rug is easy to replace. Just remember to air-dry. A run through the dryer can actually shrink a cotton rug much like cotton garments.

machine washable rugs in Canada

Washable Polyester Rugs

The soft touch of polyester rugs and their budget-friendly price make them one of the most sought-after rugs. As with most synthetic rug fibers, polyester rugs are actually machine washable rug. The best way to wash a polyester rug is in cold water and on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent. When mixing it with another load, take care not to mix colors.
Many of the rugs in our affordable rugs collection are made from polyester, making them durable for hundreds of washes. Check out our machine washable rugs!

washable area rugs

Washable Olefin Rugs

As a synthetic fiber, olefin is stain, mildew, and moisture-resistant while also coming in various attractive colors and styles, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor rugs. If an effective cleaning is required, olefin is machine washable rug. It is recommended to wash any olefin rug once a year, while seasonal washes may be necessary for homes with pets and children.

machine washable rugs

Washable Polypropylene Rugs

Like olefin, polypropylene rugs are excellent for high-traffic areas and ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. Polypropylene fiber is one of the more durable synthetic fibers for rugs. You can either machine wash or hand wash it outside with a garden hose and mild dish detergent.

You should not dry synthetic rugs like other types of rugs in the dryer. Polypropylene fibers can melt under the heat of a dryer and allow to air dry instead of placing it in direct sunlight.

washable runner rugs

Washable Nylon Rugs

Nylon rugs are not as durable as some synthetic fibers like polypropylene but are an excellent option for low-traffic areas.

If you wash your nylon rug occasionally, you can remove dust and dirt that has built up, but make sure you use the gentle cycle and cold water and avoid drying it in the dryer. Air drying is the preferred method after a wash.

Washable Viscose Rugs

Viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber. Due to its main ingredient, wood pulp, viscose is often referred to as a natural and synthetic fiber. If necessary, viscose rugs are machine washable rugs, but a better option is a spot clean or a hand washes since viscose rugs are more sensitive.

How Can You Keep Your Washable Rug Looking Its Best?

If you have a washable rug, throwing it into the washing machine shouldn't necessarily be your go-to cleaning method.
It is better not to put the carpet in the washing machine with every small stain. There are techniques to remove carpet stains that we have explained in detail in a separate article that you can read.

Washing carpets (if needed) should be done according to their material so that your carpet does not lose its appearance and beauty over time.

washable kitchen rugs

If you found this article interesting and useful, please leave a comment. Also, as you know, Cyruscrafts is a reliable online store where you can buy all kinds of high-quality Iranian carpets, hand-woven, machine-woven, and washable carpets at a reasonable price and safe, easy, and fast shipping from us.

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