Not all houses can have big rooms; whether you like it or not, sometimes you have to live in a home with small bedrooms. So knowing some tips and ideas for designing small bedrooms can help you eliminate anxiety about the lack of space.
Stay with us in this blog post to see what you can do to have the best interior design for a small bedroom. In other words, here are space-saving ideas for small bedrooms to maximize the tiniest of spaces.

small bedroom ideas

Modern Small Bedroom Ideas

Fortunately, nowadays, modern furniture and decorative items are so simple and compact, so you can easily find contemporary interior design items for your small bedroom.

modern small bedroom ideas

How to Design A Modern Small Bedroom?

Here are cozy modern small bedroom ideas and tips for designing a small room modernly. The most important tips include the following:

  • Sketching the overall layout
  • Choosing a suitable rug and placing it right
  • Selecting a modern dresser for your small bedroom

modern small bedroom

Sketch the Small Bedroom Layout First

The first step toward designing a small bedroom in a modern way is to have a layout in mind. For this purpose, you can draw a simple plan on paper or use simulation software.

small bedroom layout

The Proper Rug and Its Place

Choose a simple bedroom rug and place it in a way that doesn't fill the whole floor. Here is the guide to choosing the right carpet for a queen bed.

proper rug for small bedroom

Modern Dressers for Small Bedrooms

Choosing modern dressers for small bedrooms is uncomplicated. Numerous simple capacious dressers are not so bulky. Remember that the dressers with more drawers only take up a little space in the horizontal direction; they go up only through the vertical direction, making more capacity for your clothes.

modern dresser for small bedrooms

Modern Small Bedroom Design Ideas

There are modern ideas for designing small bedrooms, for example, using natural lights, mirrors, artwork, etc. Stay with us in the following with essential tips.

modern small bedroom design ideas

Natural Light, Essential for Small Bedrooms

The more light a space has, the bigger it seems. And natural light does it better than electricity. So if your small bedroom has a window, use transparent curtains to invite more light into the room.

small bedroom window design

Modern Lighting Appliances for Small Rooms

Don't get mad if your tiny bedroom has no window; you can bring light with a modern chandelier,  a hanging lamp, or wall lamps.

modern light for small bedroom

Modern Decorative Mirrors for Small Bedrooms

Wall mirrors only take up a little space; they are suitable for small bedrooms because they can magnify the room by reflecting the light while they take only a thin layer of the room's capacity. So for a small bedroom, wall mirrors are better than standing mirrors, but if you have the space, a standing mirror is suitable for magnifying the area by reflecting the light as a wall mirror does.

modern decorative mirror for small bedroom

Wall Art for Modern Small Bedroom

Wall hanging artworks need a little space to use in your modern small bedroom.  Still, it is better to be careful about its design and patterns because pell-mell painting can make the wall decor of the small bedroom look negligibly untidy.

wall art for modern small bedroom

How to Design a Small Bedroom?

What makes a small room cozy? How to arrange furniture in a small bedroom? Three factors are essential in designing a small bedroom: The Ceiling and Floor Space, The Furniture, and The Organization.

how to design a small bedroom

Small Bedroom Ceiling and Floor Space

You can not ruin the short ceiling and rebuild it again with a higher height, but it is possible to do some tricks that make the top seem higher. For example, you can choose narrow hanging lamps, use 3D painting to create an optical illusion or apply lighting to show the ceiling more elevated than it is.
For the floor space, use simple floorings, parquets, or carpets. And only place a few decoration items on the floor.

small bedroom ceiling

Furniture for Small Bedroom

The best furniture for small bedrooms takes little space but has much capacity. Multipurpose furniture like sofa beds, Murphy beds, dressing tables, and drawer desks are good examples of suitable furniture for tiny rooms. You can diminish unnecessary items in the bedroom, such as bedside tables, to make the bedroom feel larger.

furniture for small bedroom

Small Bedroom Organization and Storage Tips

Here are tips and ideas for organization and storage of the furniture and stuff in a small bedroom:

  • With multipurpose items, you can create extra storage space.
  • Opt for an operational nightstand that will work best for you, or remove a nightstand (or both).
  • Closet storage is the best place to hide your dresser.
  • Keep the number of pieces to a minimum.
  • Be creative when it comes to the headboard.
  • It's all about the layout. A small structure offers ample opportunity.

small bedroom organization tips

Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

Good News: Furniture designers have thought about suitable beds for small bedrooms very well. There are many versatile types of beds for small rooms. The best examples are:

  • Beds with an under-bed storehouse
  • Murphy beds
  • Custom platform beds: you design and order, and producers make them for you.

murphy bed

murphy beds for small bedrooms

Colors that Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Which color schemes are best for small rooms? Coordinating the colors makes magic to show the space bigger. So use only a few different colors in decorating small rooms. Moreover, light colors keep your area look more prominent, so here are some trendy decorating colors that make your bedroom look bigger:

  • Clean White
  • Off-White
  • Earthy Ochr
  • Light Blue
  • Pale Grey
  • Sage Green

We have a blog post about sage green bedrooms if you want to see samples.

best colors for designing small bedrooms

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Do you know how to maximize space in small bedrooms? Here are the best tips:

  • Don't use oversized beds
  • Use the space on the wall as storage space
  • Decorate with floating wall shelves
  • Nesting tables can replace nightstands
  • Decorate with furniture that has unfolded legs
  • Utilize hanging clothes rack
  • Choose hanging lamps instead of bulky chandeliers
  • Use curtains that stretch from the ceiling to the floor
  • With footboards, you can add more storage
  • Go for a minimalist interior design
  • Use mirrors to reflect light through all spots
  • Select multi-functional tables and furniture
  • Decorate the small bedroom with bright colors
  • Place the bed in the corner
  • Choose vertical layouts
  • Use light-colored carpets or rugs
  • Hang modern and abstract paintings on the wall
  • Design an accent wall
  • Well lit the small bedroom

make small bedroom look bigger

Now you know every single point needed for designing a cozy small bedroom. Please share your ideas, opinions, experiences, and advice about this subject. And remember that CyrusCrafts offers unique handmade home interior design items like rugs, furniture, carpets, chandeliers, wall lights, etc., with the highest quality at the best prices for you wherever you live the world.
The only thing you should do to have these items is to fill out the products' order forms and wait for us to deliver your orders to your home door. The delivery time is so short if you live in the United States or Canada.

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