Whether it's a rug, you've bought yourself or a family heirloom, a Persian area rug is an investment that deserves care. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way despite your best efforts. Accidents, pests, and pets can permanently damage your rug.

Knowing the main causes of floor covering damage is essential for avoiding them. Some activities, such as footfall, cannot be avoided, but you can minimize damage by avoiding or taking measures. Let's take a look at the five things that can ruin your carpets and what to do about them.

Carpet Water Damage

Water may seem harmless, but an area rug can suffer a surprising amount of damage from water. In the event of extensive exposure to water, underlying fibers can rot or mold growth on the carpet.

After cleaning your rug with water, let it thoroughly dry before putting it back on the ground. Allow it to drip and air dry until no moisture remains. Rugs should also not be placed near sinks, washing machines, or flowerpots. It will eventually result in mildew if a rug sits on a damp floor or beneath anything that will receive regular watering.

Vacuums Damage to Area Rugs

Vacuums are the number one enemy of fine rugs. It can cause threadbare patches and white spots on your rug, as well as tangle and tear the fringe. Robotic vacuums rip the edges and fringe of fine rugs too. Any rug can be damaged by the majority of vacuums. When vacuuming, only use the beater brush extension once every two weeks or less. Be gentle.

Carpet Vacuums Damage

Carpet Moth Damage

Also, for insects, carpets and rugs are more than just a floor covering. They will make your soft, fluffy rugs their home if you let them! If left unchecked, they will live and breed in your carpets, multiplying to their heart's content.

Rugs can be damaged by insects, especially moths and carpet beetles. Larvae are usually responsible for most of the damage. It is common for moths and beetles to lay their eggs on natural fibers such as wool, silk, and even leather. It is likely that the larvae that hatch will cause considerable damage to the fibers by eating them.

carpet moth damage

Pets Damage to Area Rugs

Pets are beloved family members but can also be enemies of your carpets and rugs! Getting your kitty a scratching board can divert their attention from scratching your carpet. Try sprinkling moth flakes underneath rugs if you have a new puppy who loves to chew them. Most dogs dislike the aroma and will avoid the rug. If your cat claws, you will have to figure out a way to curb its scratching behavior. The best way to keep your cat's claws from getting damaged is to provide them with scratching posts scented with catnip, clip their nails more frequently, and put special plastic caps on their claws.

There is no denying that we all love pets, but they are prone to chewing, tugging, clawing, and staining whatever furniture they can get their hands on. Puppies are particularly likely to cause damage to your area rug.

Leaving pet urine untreated can also cause problems. If urine is spilled on your rug, it can permanently bleach the dyes and change the color. Make sure to house-train your pets as soon as possible.

To clean a pet-peed area rug, sprinkle it with a mix of white vinegar and club soda. Repeat until there is no remaining residue or odor.

Carpet damage by pets

Direct sunlight Damage to Area Rugs

When exposed to direct sunlight, cheap, synthetic dyes can fade dramatically. Even antique rugs made with natural dyes can soften, although the effect is generally quite minimal.

When you have a prominent area rug in a room with large windows, you may want to consider applying UV reduction films to your windows. To reduce the impact of sunlight, you could also use sheet curtains.

Spills And Stains Damage to Area Rugs

You can ruin your carpet with a liquid spill. It doesn't matter if it's wine, juice, or a sugary drink. Acting quickly after a spill can reduce the damage. It's advised to get your carpets steam cleaned on a regular basis, especially if you live in a household with children and pets. One method for cleaning a carpet spill is:

  1. Over the stained area, add club soda.
  2. After a few minutes, remove it.
  3. Use paper towels or a clean cloth to blot the area.
  4. Repeat the process until dry.

stain on the carpet

Improper installation, Rippling and Buckling Damage to Area Rugs

If your carpet shows signs of rippling or buckling, it is usually due to improper installation. The carpet is probably not spread properly. This issue can eventually cause damage to your precious carpet in exquisite hand-woven carpets. Therefore, using your utmost care when spreading the carpet is appropriate.

Most handmade rugs can last over 100 years with dutiful care. Maintaining and caring for handmade rugs is critical to their longevity. Rugs don’t talk. Even damaged rugs can look good. Look for moths on the edges and bottom. Ensure the fringe or side binding is not faded, frayed, or worn. Take action if you notice anything out of place. If you spill or stain your rug, call the experts before you treat it. The experts will solve your rug problem.

In this article, we got acquainted with some of the main factors that damage carpets and learned ways to prevent their damage. In the next article, we will discuss how to repair damaged carpets.

Do you know other factors that damage carpets? Leave a comment.

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