We at Cyruscrafts believe that being a Hijabi shouldn't limit your fashion choices. Instead, wearing a hijab gives you an additional accessory to dress up or down and transform your simple outfit into a staple trend. There are many ways to wear a hijab, and it can be adapted to fit a variety of occasions and outfit styles. This makes it incredibly important to remain in the know regarding the various materials, colors and hijab styles available to you.

We've compiled complete hijab-style ideas with easy-to-follow steps to ensure you remain confident in your day-to-day hijab styling.

Hijab Style Trends 2022

Like every year, 2022 has its own trends. But it's not that hard! It can be said that the hijab clothing trends of 2022 are one of the simplest years in the fashion world. Let's get to know some general hijab style trends this year:

  • Linen hijab, Jersey hijab, Pashmina hijab, Viscose hijab, Shimmer hijab, Knit hijab, Polyester Silk hijab, Chiffon hijab, Crepe hijab, Athletic workout hijab, and satin hijab are the most popular hijab fabrics for 2022.
  • Fabric can be chosen based on the theme, event, and year's season.
  • Silk hijab is perfect for formal occasions and events. The lushness of silk fabric adds charm and elegance to whatever it's been used as, and hijabs are no exception. 
  • 2022 is the year of simple style and natural makeup. This year, the world of fashion has gone in the direction of showing the simplest and most natural form of man.

The Classic Hijab Style 

Classic style is always popular and stylish, whether with hijab or not! The classic hijab style actually includes styles that generally use high-density fabrics, monochrome or similar colors and without designs on the fabric or with partial designs.

Let's see some pictures of the classic hijab style:

hijab style
Whether you wear hijab or not, cream color is always popular and classy in classic style.

style hijab simple
In hijab outfits, bold and cheerful colors such as orange and neutral colors are the best choice for brave and powerful women who want to
maintain their classic style in hijab and show their courage.
arabic hijab styles
Long dresses are good choices for family parties or friendly spaces. They are lightweight and comfortable.

Main Principles of Hijab Classic Style

  • A color palette that includes at least neutral, tan, navy, white, and maybe red or green will make you a classic lady.
  • Hijab Outfit pieces in the classic style are harmonious with each other (not disjointed)
  • Traditional prints (stripes, plaids, and polka dots) help to complete your style if used in moderation.
  • Limited details and trims within the garments 
  • Elegant overall aesthetic 
  • Confidence 

Casual Hijab Fashion

We wear casual clothing every day, whether it's to the office, to run errands, or to grab a drink after work. The key is choosing comfortable, functional and versatile garments for any of these occasions.

Let's first see some casual hijab styles and then talk about the basic principles of casual outfits:

casual hijab outfit
In casual style, comfort is the first word, even if you choose casual style with hijab.
casual hijab style
The hijab casual style includes light, simple and comfortable elements. 
casual hijab fashion
Teenagers and young people especially like the casual hijab style.

How Can Muslim Women Get a Casual Look?

  • Don't forget to fill your wardrobe with T-shirts, jeans, cardigans, slightly oversized shirts and parkas.
  • Choosing neutral colors in style such as white, grey, blue, black, maroon or brown will help you mix and match outfits easily.
  • Especially for a casual summer look, soft and elastic fabrics like denim and knit will allow you to move freely.
  • Comfortable footwear is essential to finish off the look and achieve that effortless touch. Trainers, slippers, military boots, loafers or mules are a sure-fire hit.

Iranian Girl's Hijab Style

The hijab in Iranian girls is usually different from Arab girls and other Middle Eastern countries. As you can see in the photos above, veiled women in other countries have a special emphasis on covering all their hair and body up to the wrists and ankles so that no part of their body can be seen except for the round face and wrists. But in Iran, most girls and women don't dress like this. They use shawls and scarves only to cover part of their hair, and the rest of the hair is visible. Also, short pants and shirts with relatively short sleeves are very common among Iranian girls. Although unlike other Islamic countries, in Iran, all women must wear hijab, it can be said that Iranian women act more freely and boldly in their clothing than other Muslim women.

It is interesting to know that some people think that by immigrating to Western and non-Muslim countries, they may be forced to abandon their hijab. Although immigrating to Canada or USA has challenges, we promise that it will not impose hijab restrictions on you.

persian girls style

iranian girl fashion

iranian women style
Colors are very important in the style of Iranian girls. They like to wear bright and cheerful colors.

iran girls

At the end of this article, we feel it is our duty to invite you to read Mahsa Amini's article to learn about the negative effects of mandatory hijab laws in Iran. We believe that all people with any beliefs and religions should be respected, and women should be free to have their own style with hijab or without hijab. It is humanity that wins in the end.

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