Many think a vintage interior design style was born in the early 1990s. Still, it was born after World War II, when people had to use old and second-hand items to rebuild their homes. So the history of vintage style design can be attributed to the years between the 40s and 50s.
Vintage design for interiors can be considered a nostalgic style with old elements. The most crucial feature of this interior design style is that it should be reminiscent of the past. Generally, being vintage is characteristic of fashionable items in the not-so-distant past and now have signs of that time with them. Therefore, using old objects in today's life in a memorable way is called vintage style.
In interior design, vintage does not mean something is old or dated from an earlier time. Vintage refers to old objects on which modern-day techniques are based. Sometimes, vintage can be confused with retro and antiques.
Vintage style interior design has unique features and objects we want to introduce in this article. To know this interior style, you should also know the elements and their special devices. Before all this, we will provide you with a guide to distinguishing vintage from retro and antique so you can recognize the differences between these three concepts.

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Vintage, Retro, or Antique

Let us use numbers to understand the difference between these three concepts; Retros are devices that have been in fashion for a few years but this time has yet to reach 20 years. Vintage items must be 20 or more years past their prime but not 100 years old. Antique items must be more than 100 years old or similar to fashionable items more than 100 years ago.
Some interior design experts say vintage interior objects can also be retro. Nevertheless, a retro object cannot be considered vintage. Ideas from a vintage give rise to retro items, so they can be young to qualify. Retro items are usually less than 20 years old, whereas vintage objects are generally older.
Using devices made today with old signs in your home can be called retro; for the vintage style interior design, you should use devices from the past and not just indicate it. Retro may be made only from old models, but vintage must come from the past and bring the feeling of the past with it.

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Vintage Interior Design

One prominent feature of a vintage interior is the presence of old and new items and furniture, creating an atmosphere with the elegance of the past and the comfort of today. Using this style of decoration proves your nobility and originality. In the vintage style, you can freely combine different patterns and designs and bring a unique century to life in every part of your home.
It does not have a hectic design. In this decoration style, the main rule is that all elements focus only on a particular decade or time. When using color in decoration, remember that all the features and devices used in this style must have the same colors and patterns, and the pieces must match.
Additionally, a vintage-style design should be decorated extensively. In addition to classic mirror frames and fabric with subtle patterns, vases, clocks, wares, and many other items, vintage furniture will look stunning. The main thing - is to avoid fussiness and congestion. Creating a musical collage that reflects the era's mood is essential.
Note that you should not design all of your houses in this style; it is better to consider one part of the house to implement this style.

vintage interior objects

Vintage Interior Design Characteristics

Achieving the right balance when giving your home a vintage-style interior design is challenging. Vintage interior design characteristics are clear and straightforward to learn and apply. Following these tips will make it easy:

      • Colors: In vintage home design, bright colors are often used. Using white beside another color between green, pink, blue, and Persian orange to design your home in this style is suggested. Greys and pale pastel colors, including duck-egg blue, pale pink, and lilacs, are often layered with white, cream, and beige neutrals. Add a wallpapered accent wall with a floral pattern if you want more of this style to your room.
      • Patterns: Floral patterns are among the most well-known designs and patterns in vintage decoration styles. Other suitable patterns used in this style are designs and patterns of birds, butterflies, and stripes.
        Remember that the patterns should be repetitive. Devices with floral and bird marks are one of the most famous components in this style. You can make positive changes in the interior design of your home with the help of these devices.
      • Materials: Other features of this interior design style include using natural materials such as wood and fabrics with natural fibers, a few metals, leather, etc. Wood is one of the most common materials in vintage style, especially wooden floors. Leather is also one of the popular materials in this contemporary interior design style, which can be seen primarily in furniture. In general, assembly or a combination of old and modern materials is necessary for this decoration. The texture is vital, but grinding wood pieces to smooth them is unnecessary.

vintage design

Vintage Interior Objects

Some elements are known as Vintage interior objects; using these objects in the right places helps us design an excellent decoration. Here are nine vintage interior objects in the following:

1. Wallpaper: Wallpaper is vital in this interior design. Floral patterns and pastel colors are the most popular reflectors of this style. There are many ways in which wallpaper can serve as a source of design inspiration. The wallpaper's color would inspire you to create other essential interior parts. There are three varieties of vintage wallpapers:

          • Wallpapers with contrasting patterns. Remember that only one wall is covered with wallpaper, and the other is monochromatic.
          • The colors are delicate, and the patterns are birds, flowers, and butterflies. Besides, you can use beautiful drawings in Japanese motifs, perfectly combining simplicity and deep meaning.
          • The beautiful bright, simple patterns are allowed too.

vintage wallpaper

2. Furniture: Classic furniture is used in this interior design style. Moreover, patterned and floral furniture can also be considered a suitable and ideal choice. It is better to have old furniture in the style of vintage decoration. Typically, old furniture is made of natural materials such as wood and natural clothing fibers and has high backs, curved and rounded bases, and carved parts. If the room's wall is a single color, use floral sofas. If the wall is wallpapered, use plain sofas and place floral decorative cushions on it. The last thing is to arrange the furniture orderly and create a tidy space.
In the design of vintage decoration, the furniture should have a wood design with beautiful carvings. Wood has been the focus of many people in the past. In general, wood makes the space very warm, friendly, and intimate. These types of sofas have a beautiful woodcarving design with embroidered backs, and their frameworks have carvings that usually match any decoration.
The good news is that CyrusCrafts' interior design team has made available the best wooden sofa sets with varied designs and colors on the website. You can visit our sofa sets and purchase any of them at the best price by filling out the order form.

vintage furniture

3. Carpet: The carpet is one of the original vintage interior objects, and you should be very careful in choosing it. Natural materials are essential for vintage interior design styles, so using wooden flooring and placing handwoven carpets on the floor is better. Here you can visit the best quality handmade rugs, and vintage carpets, at the best prices worldwide.

vintage carpet

4. Lighting Equipment: Lighting elements such as lamps and lampshades are instrumental in vintage decoration. Moreover, handmade chandeliers are one of the most popular options. Light is indispensable in every space, and aesthetics are seen in the lighting element. Remember that natural light is essential in this decoration style. If you want to have glamor in your vintage design, choose a crystal chandelier.

5. Wall Hanging Items: You can use a lot of wall art in this decoration style. Wall art has a lot of variety; one is a wall rug, the best option for vintage decor. Furthermore, simple paintings with woodcarving frameworks are vintage too. If you have a memorable photo from the past and want to install it on the wall of the house, it is better to use a beautiful photo frame with an old look.

vintage wall rug

6. Decorative Items: In this home interior design style, old decorations are used along with modern decorations. Also, it is better to use both to maintain balance. Remember that not all old items are suitable for vintage interior design, and it is better to use high-value items. Therefore, use at least one of the vintage interior objects and decorations, such as music boxes, clocks, table lamps, candlesticks, and statues, in the vintage home or office design. You can use old chests for your coffee; these chests, which you must have seen in your grandmother's house, are very popular in vintage style.
But in general, remember that you should use decorative accessories only for a bit of attractiveness, not more. You are supposed to decorate only part of your home with decorative items. Bronze candlesticks, antique clocks, framed paintings, flower pots, pillows, boxes, book covers, light, elegant, black and white, or light brown paintings, and table lamps are among the best examples of decorative items for vintage design.

vintage dresser

7. Home Tools: The importance of home decorations makes us choose home tools aesthetically. Large mirrors are expected in vintage decors, and you should use mirrors with carved frames to preserve the old look of your home. One of the elements that can remind the elegance and beauty of life in the old days is the lace tablecloth, so do not neglect them. Wardrobes with carved handles are usually a part of these kinds of decoration. Also, large dining tables and large beds are lovely vintage interior objects.

8. Flowers and Vases: One of the essential points we must observe in this style is the use of natural flowers, which you can place in glass or ceramic vases. It is necessary to pay attention to flowers in a vintage-style interior design. So put flowers in ceramic and glass vases, inviting freshness and positive energy to your home.

vintage cabinet

9. Upholstery and Curtains: Elegant long curtains and glossary fabrics are used in a vintage-style interior design. Though it is false, pastel and soft-colored materials are improper for these designs. For example, one can use bright curtains on the walls in soft and plain tones or vice versa. The curtains of a vintage home may be floral, pastoral, or textured. Additionally, laces are cute complementary pieces of vintage objects; they can be placed on nightstands, tables, and even chairs.
As in many vintage upholsteries, flower patterns exist; if the upholstery consists of pastel or muted colors, floral prints would be on the cushions. The best vintage interior design objects are long curtains, lace napkins on dressers and end desks, floral upholstery, patterned pillows, decorative boxes, decorative bowls, and carpets or rugs with natural materials.

vintage upholstery

We hope this article was helpful and attractive to you. You can share your valuable opinions about this article in the comments section. CyrusCrafts offers you the best Iranian handmade products on this website. On our website, you can find every vintage interior design style item, including sofa sets, carpets, wall art panels, decorative plates, and other handicrafts. Our colleagues worldwide are ready to deliver your orders quickly, especially in Canada and the United States.

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