A living room is essential for every house because the family gathers together and spends much time in the living room with each other. In addition, the living room is also used as a guest room in many modern apartment houses.

wall art for living room

We all want our house to be beautiful and inspiring. According to psychology, we should care about our environment's beauty because it affects our mood and vitality. Therefore, beautifying the living room is very important as one of the essential parts of every home.

room wall design

Since wall decorations are one of the first things we see upon entering any room, we discuss living room wall art and how to choose a suitable one or a collection of living room decorations for your special home in this blog post.

abstract wall art for living room

Wall art for the living room

The importance of the design of the living room walls is evident. In addition, with the right colors and patterns and suitable wall decoration items, we can make the walls appear larger or cozier. Therefore, the use of art in the design of the living room walls is significant. Art undoubtedly attracts attention. Let a large piece of art be the central part of one of the empty walls of your living room and witness its charm.

best wall art for living room

You can choose an abstract painting or go for a minimalistic black-and-white photo; it's up to you. But, definitely count on art to decorate a small living room wall. In addition to saving money, creating an art gallery on a blank wall can be a good choice for those who wish to create variety on their monotonous walls at a minimal cost. You can change the design whenever you want. The use of paintings, photo frames, and vintage and artistic plates significantly impact the living room wall's design. It makes the effect of the space more beautiful than you can imagine.

living room wall art

The frames can be placed on the wall in various ways, and inside them is a family photo or any photo and art design. Installing empty and beautiful frames on the wall, widely used in so-called fashion today, gives the space a beautiful and modern look. You may also use decorative items such as mirrors and antique pendants between photo frames.

living room art

The living room wall arts that are going to be reviewed here include:

  • Wall Paints and Wallpapers
  • Paintings
    • Painting on the Wall
    • Canvas Painting
    • Persian Miniature Painting
  • Wall Rugs
  • Wall Hanging Decorations
  • Calligraphy artworks
  • Decorative Plates
  • Wall Lights

Then we will discuss decorations, especially for corners.

three piece wall art

Wall paint and wallpaper for the Living Room

Whether you use wall paint, wallpaper, or both to cover the walls of your living room depends entirely on you, your budget, and the climate of where you live. When using paint and wallpaper, be careful to choose them based on the general style of the interior design you want.
For example, you can use wallpapers with detailed patterns for traditional, vintage, and classic interior design styles. Still, using simple wallpapers or paints for minimal, neoclassical, and modern interior design styles is better modern styles. Note that if your living room is small, use simple living room prints.

wall paper for the living room

Painting for Living Room Wall Design

Painting is an extensive and widely used art. It is rare to find a house with no wall or canvas paintings. Using a unique painting can make your home wholly artistic and help your guests understand your emotions. There are three suggested ways to use the precious art of painting:

coastal wall art for living room

      • Painting on the Wall: Instead of using wallpaper or simply painting the wall, you can ask an artist to come to your home and paint a design of your choice on one or two walls of your living room. This way, your living room art will remain unique and distinctive forever.
      • Canvas Painting: Paintings have unlimited variety; you can use paintings in different styles and techniques according to your taste and the interior design style of your home. The most popular canvas paintings are watercolor, oil pastel, acrylic painting on canvas, and abstract painting. Also, our suggested designs for the living room include sunset painting, landscape art, nature painting, painting with unicorn spit designs, and minimal style paintings.
        Using paintings without frames or multi-piece and puzzle designs is better if your interior decoration style is modern. Still, for other styles, there are also attractive frameworks.

canvas painting for living room

      • Persian Miniature Painting: This unique style has been registered as one of Iran's precious cultural heritages for many years. Persian miniature paintings are not necessarily small-sized. Still, the word "miniature" is given to this style because the Persian miniature painter depicts minor details with minor brushes.
        Since each Iranian miniature painting is unique, having one of these luxurious paintings is enough for you to have a unique and luxurious living room.

Persian miniature painting for living room

Wall Rugs as Living Room Wall Art

Wall rugs are other magnificent works of art that can bring you a grand living room. The variety of carpets includes a wide range from simple to very detailed designs that you can choose according to the interior design style of your home or living room.
The excellent news is that the CyrusCrafts collection has presented luxurious hand-woven and economic machine-woven wall rugs for you with every taste and budget.
In addition to the wall rug as a framed art, you can also hang area rugs with your desired dimensions on one of the living room wall spaces using rug hangers for the wall. This work is widespread and trendy in the style of vintage interior design.

wall rug for living room

Wall Hanging Art Ideas for the Living Room

Fortunately, the wall-hanging decors are also very diverse. You can choose the right wall hanging for the living room according to its dimensions and other factors, such as the interior design style and your taste. For example, wall mirrors are one of the most attractive wall items that are beautiful and practical. They reflect light so well that your living room looks more spacious than it is.

wall hanging art ideas

In addition, handmade accessories made of brass, bronze, and copper can be attractive ideas to create variety in a plain and boring wall. Choose the right accessories for the design of the living room wall based on the color and design of your living room. Pay attention to the coordination between the decorations for the living room.

interior design wall art

You can also use the wall clock to decorate the reception wall. Decorative clocks in various styles are an excellent choice for living room wall decor because they add a special touch to any decor. When choosing the wall clock size, remember that if your living room is small, you can make your interior look bigger using large wall clocks.

wall decor item

Calligraphy Wall Art for the Living Room

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. Beautifully writing a sentence or your favorite poem and hanging it on the living room wall can have a tremendous emotional impact on you and your guests. Calligraphy art has branches such as Calligraffiti, Calligraphic painting, Watercolor calligraphy, Islamic calligraphy, Calligraphy drawing, etc. If you want the wall design of your living room to be very special, remember calligraphy artwork.

Islamic calligraphy for living room wall

Decorative Plates as Living Room Wall Art

Decorative plates are produced in different sizes, colors, and designs. You can give a special effect to that wall by installing one or more decorative plates on the wall. Usually, the best place to install wall plates is above a 3-seater sofa or an end desk. Some decorative plates include calligraphy art, so they have a dual function.

living room wall decorative plates

Nevertheless, note that the living room wall decoration should be simple enough. The applied decorations should match the room's interior design to make the living room space ideal. One should feel relaxed from being in this environment.

decorative plates for living room wall

Wall lights for Living Room

Even if a wall is painted beautifully and attractive decorative items are hung on it, the beauty of the color will only be visible if the lighting is adequate. Therefore, the advice of interior design experts is to use beautiful wall lights that match the size of the wall and room.
The best wall lights for the living room are up-down lights, sconce lights, brass wall lights, and crystal wall lights.

wall light for living room

Living Room Wall Art for Corners

To design the corner walls, you can use various models of corner shelves and install them in the corners of the walls. Note that these shelves should be manageable because too large will make the space unbalanced, and the items inside will look too small. You can use all kinds of decorative vases or other handicrafts on these shelves decorative or other handicrafts.
Also, to design the corner of walls, you can use photo frame models in the corner.

living room wall art for corners

Feel free to change the living room. To make these changes, you must consider the necessary coordination in all decorations.

art for living room

Nowadays, there are many materials that you can use to design different parts of your home, such as floor, ceiling, and walls, based on your budget. This post gave examples of these designs and guided you in building or improving your living room space, especially its walls.

framed art on shelf for living room

We desire to know your opinions and valuable ideas and share them with our other audience. Therefore, we will be happy to see your ideas in the comments section of this blog post. Moreover, there are interior design items, such as pieces of wall art, handicrafts, rugs, and furniture, on our website that you can order and receive at your door with free shipping quickly worldwide, especially in Canada and the USA, so choose your favorite one and fill out the order form.

Asian Art & Memento

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