If you want to change something simple in your living room for modern vibes, consider switching out your area rug for a round rug. Round rugs defy the traditional look by bringing in asymmetry and the illusion of more space. 

Round rugs are only for some living rooms, so it's important to match your decor to look cohesive. A round rug will make your room appear larger if you have a small living room with minimal furniture. It also adds visual interest and texture to a living room instead of giving it a streamlined and clean appearance. 

Adding natural plants, wood tones, and plain and patterned fabrics can enhance a modern style even further. For more inspiration when restyling your living room, check out this article and make a fantastic Canadian decoration.

Round carpet

What Does a Round Rug Do to a Room?

Round rugs offer a lot of things that rectangular or square rugs don't. They can be used in odd-shaped, curved, or tight spaces, soften very square or geometric rooms, and help to make small spaces seem larger and more open.

A round rug is designed to be more of a focal point than just a floor covering. Compared with a basic rectangle rug, you will notice that a round rug stands out, mainly when it features a statement pattern or color.

Style it like a cozy nook in the corner when you want to create a social sanctuary in your living room. Positioning a small table off-center upon your rug makes your furniture look effortlessly thrown together in a good way. It looks casual, warm, and inviting for you and your guests.

round area rug

How Do You Decorate with a Round Rug?

There's something so lovely and unexpected about round rugs. From floors to walls and much of our furniture, they are a welcome change from the conventional rectilinear nature of our surroundings. But it can be hard to know just what to do with one. Take a look at our ideas on how to pull off a round area rug in any room.

There is no doubt that using a round rug under a round table is a smart choice. We love the harmony and balance the repeating shapes bring to the room. Ensure the carpet is large enough to fit dining chairs even when you pull them out to sit down.

Designers often use a round rug to make a small space appear larger, making it ideal for nooks, offices, and children's rooms. We love how the circular shape of the carpet in this office opens up the space and complements the offbeat vibe of the room.

Layering rugs enhance the space's coziness and throwing a round one over a more significant, rectangular rug adds perfect visual interest. The key to layering rugs is to stick with a similar construction and look so the overall effect is manageable, especially in a bedroom like this one.

iranian round carpet

Using a round area rug can be a great way to define a space. All of the pieces in the furniture arrangement touch the round carpet, instantly creating a vignette and adding a sense of intimacy.

In an entryway or corner of a large room, pair a round rug with functional furniture, such as a console or bookcase. It defines the area and creates a pit stop, or space to linger, as you drop your keys or pick up a book.

A round rug in a breakfast nook of a classic style is a natural fit and serves up an inviting and cozy space to dine.

What Room Does a Round Rug Work Best in?

Round area rugs are perfect for oddly shaped areas like entranceways or smaller rooms where a large carpet won't fit, but you want warmth, texture, and tone. The curved lines can also soften minimal spaces with many sharp, geometric lines.

A round area rug can also transform the living room into a focal point of the home and a gathering place for the entire family.

A Guide to Choosing and Buying a Round Rug

You should decide whether you want the rug to make a statement or blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior when choosing the color and material. For coastal or minimal homes, round jute rugs are a popular choice. They are hardwearing and durable, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. You can inject color into your home easily and non-permanently with a rug. Draw from other key colors in interior design, and make sure the rug you choose ties in with these to create a cohesive look.

Cyruscraft online store offers hundreds of Oriental rugs in different designs, colors, and shapes. It is possible to buy and receive the product at home in Canada and the USA in the shortest possible time. We want to make sure that you make the best choice with the most affordable prices by getting enough information about the carpet.

CyrusCrafts Round Rugs in Toronto, Ontario

CyrusCrafts Ontario is seriously pleased to show you the evolution of Persian rug chain stores in North America. The mission has always been to bring beauty and craftsmanship of the most exquisite Persian carpet to homes and offices and we are glad we have done this in several key locations. We offer an enormous stock of round rugs in Toronto that match every individual preference.

In Cyrus Mag, you can get complete information about all home and office rugs, carpet tiles, etc., and make a safe purchase. In this article, we explained about round rugs and examined their wide applications in homes.

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