Placing a rug under your king bed is a great way to add a finishing touch to your room design. Rugs add color, texture, and warmth to a room, making the space feel more comfortable and cozy.

Carpets offer a soft, warm landing place for your feet in bedrooms with hardwood floors or tile. What’s the right king bed rug size? In this post, we’ll share our recommendations on rug size and placement options for your king bed.

Choosing the Best Rug Size for Under the King Bed

For a king bed, a complementary sized rug will make the entire picture look well-balanced - just the right sized rug for a king bed. The small rug will be overcrowded visually if the size is too large. In case the size of the rug is too small, it will just look skinny and not full; therefore, a rug of moderate size is best.

The optimal size of rugs for king bed are 8×10 rugs and 9x12 rugs. The dimension of these rug fits the bed perfectly, whether it's wide or narrow, making sure the rug covers the bed from all sides, thus providing comfort and a soft surface to the bare feet when one gets out of the bed.

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Persian Rug Size for Under the King Bed

The size of the Persian rug remains highly crucial when chosen for under the king bed. Following the above-mentioned theoretical idea, the perfect thing to use as a rug for a king bed will be 8x10 and 9x12 rugs. When choosing a Persian rug for under a king bed, start by measuring the bed and the room's width.

Finding the right place for the rug on the rug around other objects in the surroundings is also an important issue. Ranging from the centerpiece of the bedroom to a little enterprise, a Persian rug can help define the sleeping area and create a sober look with nightstands and other bedroom furniture, which we are going to explain completely in the following.

Why Do We Need Persian Carpets in The Bedroom?

  • Oriental rugs in the bedroom can add an extra level of comfort to your toes as you get out of bed.
  • If you have beautiful flooring, it may seem unreasonable to cover it with carpet. But this is not the case with expensive carpets such as handmade rugs. Rest assured that a beautiful Iranian rug not only does not reduce the beauty of your flooring but also gives more effect to the space.
  • It’s no secret that carpeted floors are much softer than hardwood or tile. The softness of Persian rugs lets your floors absorb the weight of your footsteps.
  • Persian wool carpets are cool in summer and warm in winter. It seems that in any season of the year, Stepping on a Persian rug, especially after you wake up in the morning, transmits positive energy and a good feeling to you.
  • You can significantly reduce noise in your space by using a rug. It's quieter inside your house without the sounds of footsteps clicking back and forth across the bedroom, and it also makes your room less echoey.

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What Type of Rug Is Best For The Bedroom?

The type of rug you choose for the bedroom will depend on the appearance you want for the room and its purpose. Area rugs are incredible for covering large spaces. If you want something cozy to step onto when you get up, runners can also be a great addition to the sides of your bed. The bedroom is typically a low-traffic area, so plush cozy rugs are also great. Don't feel confined to a rectangle rug; round rugs can also be a good choice.

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What Size Rug Should You Get For a King-sized Bed?

A king bed is the largest standard bed size, measuring 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. Choosing the right rug for it is not easy, given its large size.
It can make the room look smaller if the carpet is too small. On the other hand, a large rug that extends too close to the wall can swallow the room.

Firstly, the rug for a king bed should not be too small. A bedroom rug should extend at least 18 to 24 inches past the sides and end of the bed.
Likewise, you don't want a rug that is too big. This is not as straightforward and also depends on the layout and size of your room. Rug edges should not be closer than 6 inches to walls in general. Ideally, you should leave a few inches between the rug's edge and the feet of a dresser.

guide for choosing rug size

Now, let’s take a look at the different sizes and placement options for a rug under your king-size bed.

8’x10′ Rug For King Bed

An 8’ x 10’ rug is the minimum size you should use under a king-size bed. Perfect size for a smaller bedroom, it can be placed under both the bed and nightstands, covering all sides of the bed. But with this rug placement, you'll need to keep in mind that you might not be able to place all of your nightstands on the rug. This might limit how large your nightstands can be.

9’x12′ Rug For King Bed

It will cover the floor on all sides of the bed, and also allow for a bench at the foot! Place a 9’x12’ rug under your nightstands and it will adequately cover the floor! 

Generally, 9’x12’ area rugs work best in large rooms, and you should check the size of your room before you purchase one.  

6’x9′ Rug For King Bed

A 6’x9’ rug will always look classy as this will fit perfectly in proportion to the queen-size bed rug. However, this rug size will not allow you to include any nightstands on your rug, although there is enough walking space with at least 14 inches available on either side.

But in the case of the king bed, this rug size can only cover the upper or lower half of the bed, and there is not much space left for the nightstands.

3’x5′ Rug For King Bed

Small-sized rugs like 3’x5′ area Rug can either be arranged along the bed's side or flush against the wall. Alternatively, it can be placed at the foot of the bed with a bare strip of floor space around the edges.

So What Rug Size Is Best For a King Bed?

In most cases, a rug of 9’×12’ is the minimum recommended size for a king bed. If you want your carpet to cover the lower portion of your bed, you can use a smaller rug such as an 8’x10’. In larger rooms, you may choose a rug even larger than these recommendations.

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