Handmade brass pendant and turquoise stone fw1
Handmade brass pendant and turquoise stone fw2
Handmade brass pendant and turquoise stone fw1
Handmade brass pendant and turquoise stone fw2

Handmade Blue Turquoise Brass Pendant AC-867

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Metal Type: Brass

Length: -

Chain: No

Chain Type: -

Total Weight: ~25 grams

Metal Finish: Polished

Gemstone Type: Turquoise

Gemstone Shape: Round

This handmade piece is produced using high-quality brass wire. The gemstone used is Persian turquoise. This kind of brass metal does not cause any allergies. And the technique of making this product is called wire texture.

"Handmade Blue Turquoise Brass Pendant AC-867" Used Brass

Brass jewelry is considered one of the most beautiful and diverse jewelry among people. The use of jewelry is as old as human life.
Men have always used the simplest metals in jewelry making. The use of brass jewelry like other jewelry requires sufficient information. and the fact that everyone can effort to buy brass jewelry doubles the value.

If you have sensitive skin, you should be very careful choosing the right kind of brass.

The color and gloss of brass make it one of the most popular metals in the jewelry world. Also, lower prices along with polishing and its beautiful luster compared to some expensive metals such as gold or silver have increased the popularity of brass among jewelers.

The Price of Brass Jewelry

Buying accessories and jewelry made of brass is very common due to its variety and more reasonable price than gold or other expensive metals. If your budget is limited, choosing brass jewelry will help you in buying your favorite accessory. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. So for your purchase, be sure to check galleries and online jewelry stores that have special and unique designs.

The Gemstone Use in "Blue Turquoise Brass Pendant AC-867"

The turquoise stone is one of the most popular gemstones among people, which is found in dark blue, light, or green colors, and its Neyshabouri type is the most valuable type in the world. Due to the great variety in quality, color, and shape, it is not possible to prepare a fixed list for the price of the original turquoise.

The Price of Turquoise Jewelry

The original blue turquoise is one of the most popular and highest quality types of turquoise stones. Factors such as weight, originality, and cutting methods can affect the price of blue turquoise. In general, the price of Neyshabour blue turquoise stone is much higher than other types of turquoise.
The color of this gemstone is one of the factors that can greatly affect the price of the turquoise gemstone. but to make sure that the turquoise you are going to buy is original it is better to refer to an experienced and reliable individual or just get your cart to some trusted stores.

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