Heart Shaped Blue Turquoise Jewelry Set AC-874

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Metal Type: Copper

Length: 16 cm

Dimensions: 2x3 cm

Total Weight: 40 grams

Metal Finish: Polished

Gemstone Type: Blue Turquoise

Lock Type: Ring

Essentially, both the copper frame and the Neishabour blue turquoise stone are soothing and therapeutic for the mood. Its producers are dedicated to providing the finest quality and price.
There is a free-size bracelet, a ring, a medium-length necklace, and two earrings in this set. In addition to this, the price is immensely affordable as it is certainly comparable to other similar products. The quality of this accessory set is guaranteed, so you can own it with peace of mind. 

"Heart-Shaped Blue Turquoise Set AC-874" Neishabour Turquoise

A natural Neishabour turquoise stone is usually soft, and porous, and the cutting process damages it. Only the truly rare, good stuff can be cut and shaped for jewelry without any further modification. When a stone is stabilized, it means that its color and hardness have been enhanced after undergoing a special process. During the process, pressure is applied to the stone so that it absorbs a type of clear filler, either epoxy or plastic.

Throughout the world, the best Iranian stone is known for its qualities of blue, noble, and Aristotle. There is a great deal of interest in Iranian turquoise, which is commonly used to measure the quality of another turquoise. Various grades of turquoise are compared with it. In the Museum of Ancient Iran, there is a 7,000-year-old turquoise calf from the Neyshabur mine, which is obviously shaped like a calf.

An iconic heart design is one of the most popular forms of modern jewelry. This design may appear to have obvious meaning and symbolism. However, not every people know the history behind its origin. Pendants or ornaments shaped like hearts represent love, friendship, and deep affection. A heart can represent many different things. The symbol has been associated with both religious and romantic meanings throughout history. In modern times, most people give heart-shaped jewelry as a symbol of strong love and affection.

The Copper Used in "Heart-Shaped Blue Turquoise Jewelry Set AC-874"

The product is made of high-quality copper alloy and is guaranteed. As an alloy, copper is extremely durable and can withstand daily wear and tear well. As a jewelry metal, copper is a suitable choice due to its durability. Copper will not rust with time but will develop a natural green patina.

Buying turquoise handicrafts and accessories can be a long-term investment. So if you have a jewelry collection, turquoise jewelry can add a new dimension. Turquoise pieces of high quality will increase in value over time.

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2x3 cm
40 grams
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