Hand Painted Meenakari Gold Necklace AC-914 fv
Hand Painted Meenakari Gold Necklace AC-914 oh
Hand Painted Meenakari Gold Necklace AC-914 fv
Hand Painted Meenakari Gold Necklace AC-914 oh

Hand Painted Meenakari Gold Necklace AC-914

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Metal Type: Gold

Dimensions: 7x22 mm

Total Weight: 1.50 grams

Metal Finish: Polished

Gemstone Type: Black Stone

Technique: Minakari

Hand Painted Meenakari Gold Necklace AC-914 is from the collection of CyrusCrafts' handmade jewelry and belongs to the gilded enamel jewelry category. It is the artist's dream to create the original design depicted on the Hand-Made Minakari Gold Necklace AC-914.

Metals and ceramic surfaces can be painted and colored using the meenakari technique. Minakari Necklaces are considered to be a must-have accessory when it comes to decorations. Meenakari Gold Necklace AC-914 has a distinct design and is not that common, so you won't see many people wearing it. Meenakari Necklace AC-914 is a type of necklace that can enhance your appearance in no time.

Hand Painted Meenakari Necklace AC-914 Gold or Silver?

The process of Minakari involves applying a glass paste to metal and then heating it in order to fuse it. It depends on the temperature at which the glass is melted whether the finish is translucent or opaque, but minakari jewelry is a bit different because it is sometimes only made by painting and not fusing it.
Meenakari is often considered the finest metal to exhibit its brilliance, but Gold is hands down the best! In addition to complementing Meenakari's colors beautifully, the natural sheen of gold also helps hold the enamel in place, adding to its uniqueness.

Handmade Minakari Jewelry Colors & Prices

Azure (blue) is the color of heaven, and Mina, in Persian, is the feminine form of Minoo which means heaven. There was only one color in traditional Minakari: blue. Nowadays, there are many colors involved in Minakari. The blue color may be the most prominent, but other colors are also used to create Meenakari jewelry. 

But what about the price of the minakari? Material composition is the most important factor determining the pricing of Meenakari jewelry. As an example, Meenakari jewelry done in gold will be more expensive than a design done in silver enamel, and those done in glass enamel will cost more.

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7x22 mm
1.50 grams
Decorative/Body Accessory
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