Inlaid Wood Blue Turquoise Necklace AC-915

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Material: Walnut Wood

Height: 4 cm

Gemstone Type: Blue Turquoise

Technique: Wood & Turquoise Inlay

Inlaid Wood Blue Turquoise Necklace AC-915 is a combination of Neishabour blue turquoise and wood and has a unique and beautiful design that is been shaved in the shape of a leaf.
Turquoise necklaces are some of the rarest necklaces of this style you can find in very few places. Therefore, if you are looking for a special gift at a reasonable price, this option is available.

This beautiful hand inlaid Wood Necklace AC-915 is made by carving a leaf shape into a piece of wood, then filling it with pieces of turquoise stones cut to the same shape. It is very impressive to see how this Inlaid wood necklace was made completely by hand.

Inlaid Wood Necklace AC-915: Blue Turquoise

Historically, Neyshabur Turquoise was the world's first and oldest high-quality turquoise mine. Collectors may demand a small premium for high-quality turquoise from a known source, such as Iran and Neyshabur turquoise mines.

There are plenty of very hard and dense turquoise mines in Neyshabur, which are mostly in deep blue tones. The market has some cut stones (they are thousands of dollars each) that are only available to a few dealers. They are usually flawless, have a great luster, and polish perfectly.

High-Quality Blue Turquoise Stone Price & Gifting

A turquoise jewelry piece is said to be a wonderful way to celebrate entering the second decade of marriage. But it is also an excellent gift for those you adore. You may also enjoy wearing some absolutely unique jewelry for your own personal use.

Throughout history, turquoise has been a popular stone for jewelry making due to its alluring color. It makes a thoughtful gift for anyone you know who likes turquoise.

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4x2 cm
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