Heart Shaped Black Onyx Necklace AC-947 fv
Heart Shaped Black Onyx Necklace AC-947 od
Heart Shaped Black Onyx Necklace AC-947 os
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Heart Shaped Black Onyx Necklace AC-947 fv
Heart Shaped Black Onyx Necklace AC-947 od
Heart Shaped Black Onyx Necklace AC-947 os

Heart Shaped Black Onyx Necklace AC-947

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Material: Steel

Dimensions: 2.3x2.6 cm

Gemstone Type: Black Onyx

Technique: Hand Shaped Jewelry

The AC-947 Heart Shaped Black Onyx Necklace's chain is made of anti-allergy stainless steel, while the pendant is made of onyx stone, and its design is among the newest and most modern heart-shaped necklaces. With its combination of silver and black, this necklace can be worn both casually and formally. Black onyx is a naturally occurring stone with a variety of properties.

Heart-Shaped Black Onyx Necklace AC-947 Medical Benefits

A stone of great power and protection, onyx offers its bearers a strong sense of willpower, protection, focus, and strength. There are many people who believe that black onyx can drive motivation and propel you forward in life. As well as your root and solar plexus, it also activates your third eye chakra.

In addition to these properties, this stone is also known for:

  • Stone of strength, courage, endurance, and patience

  • Boosts self-esteem

  • Repels negative vibes

  • Makes it easier to make decisions

  • Lessens bone and marrow disorders

  • Heals infections as well as fungal infections

  • Reduces grief and sorrow

  • Enhances happiness and joy

  • Maintains a balanced sexual desire

  • Behavioral disorders and habit change

  • Stones for athletes or those under extreme psychological stress

  • Capricious people may find it useful

Wearing onyx on the left hand's little finger or the middle finger enhances the properties of the stone. Generally, silver and steel are the metals of choice when it comes to wearing gemstones such as onyx.

The Price of Heart-Shaped Black Onyx Necklace AC-947

There are many types of onyx to choose from, making it an affordable gemstone for any budget. Its size also lends itself well to costume and large jewelry pieces. The stone pairs well with gold and other exquisite materials. The material is a type of layered chalcedony that belongs to the quartz family. In accordance with its name, this semi-precious gemstone is characterized by its dramatic black body color. As such, Onyx jewelry is an excellent gift, whether it be a birthday gift or any other occasion.

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2.3x2.6 cm
Black Onyx
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