Painting Canvas "Chamomile Flowers" Wall Art
Painting Canvas "Chamomile Flowers" Full View
Painting Canvas "Chamomile Flowers" Wall Art
Painting Canvas "Chamomile Flowers" Full View

Painting Canvas "Chamomile Flowers"

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Class: Painting

Artist: Sadegh Akbari

Size: 70 x 100 (cm)      2' 2 x 3' 2 (ft)

Origin: Persian

Foundation/Material: Oil Paints on Canvas

Age: 6 Years

Signed by the Artist

Painting canvas "Chamomile Flowers"

The Painting Canvas "Chamomile Flowers" is an original, decorative painting using oil paint technique on the canvas in which the beautiful chamomile flowers are depicted and give the viewer a sense of vitality. In the lower corner of this painting art, the artist's signature can be seen, which adds to its value and originality.

The use of paintings in interior decoration gives a beautiful and eye-catching visual effect to the home space, which can increase the beauty of the space many times if the correct use of equipment arrangement techniques and selection of appropriate colors.

What does floral painting mean?

Flowers are universal symbols of beauty. They also symbolize comfort, love, and affection. ...Throughout history, flowers have been represented widely in the arts. Many of the most famous artists in history painted more than their fair share of flowers. Art history itself tells the story of flowers in the arts

Iranian painting canvas of chamomile flowers

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2' 2 x 3' 2 (ft)
70 x 100 (cm)
Oil Paints
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