The Underrated Enchantress AG-792 Oil Painting Canvas

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Artist: Sarah Satakin

Size: 50 x 70 (cm)      1' 6 x 2' 3 (ft)

Origin: Persian

Foundation/Material: Oil Paints on Canvas

Weight: ~1 kg

UV Resistance: Yes

The decorative oil painting art "The Underrated Enchantress AG-792"

The prepossessing oil artwork "The Underrated Enchantress AG-792" by "Sarah Satakin" has been decorated on the canvas images/paintings using top-notch materials, and the color diversity is veraciously novel. Withal the combination of human figures, animals, and flowers has given this piece of art one breathtaking effect, furthermore, the color tones are selected wisely, the very painting fits on both dark and light home decors, the very artwork is pretty unique and has never been seen in any other painting or picture shop.

"The Underrated Enchantress AG-792" flowers and birds

Usually, birds in art symbolize freedom, hope, and peace. However, Ernst's interpretation of birds seems inextricably linked to the supernatural. The feathered creatures he depicts in his art emit menace instead of optimism and recall darkness instead of light. They connote both the human and the divine spirit through their soaring freedom of movement and their linking of earth and sky. Birds can represent our souls, or stand for wisdom and the power of thought.
From new life to death, from purity to passion, flowers have had many meanings in myths and legends. Swelling from tender bud to full bloom, flowers are associated with youth, beauty, and pleasure. But as they wilt and die, flowers represent fragility and the swift passage from life into death. Most artists paint flowers simply because it is a pleasing endeavor that is a fun challenge when it comes to color and form, but it is an accessible subject that you don't have to spend a fortune on for props, yet the payoff can be solid gold.

"The Underrated Enchantress AG-792" light and dark tones balance

Balance can be achieved with just color values alone. A small amount of color can offset the visual weight of a large area of neutral values. Similarly, a small area of warm color can balance a large area of cool color. A cool color such as blue can be made warmer by getting mixed with a warm color such as red. While a warm color such as yellow can be made cooler by being mixed with a cool green.
In which the visual weight is distributed evenly across the composition, seems stable, makes the viewer feel comfortable, and is pleasing to the eye such as this nice pop canvas. But a work that is unbalanced appears unstable, creates tension, and makes the viewer uneasy.

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1' 6 x 2' 3 (ft)
50 x 70 (cm)
Material AG
Oil Paints
1 kg
Home Decoration
1 Reviews

Pretty unique
Oh I do have a purple background and was looking for a suitable wall art for a long time, and this one meets all my expectations...

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