Rose Refinement AG-812 Oil Painting Canvas

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Artist: Sarah Satkin

Size: 60 x 80 (cm)      1' 9 x 2' 6 (ft)

Border Size: 70 x 90 (cm)      2' 2 x 2' 9 (ft)

Origin: Persian

Foundation/Material: Oil Paints on the Canvas

Border Color: White

UV Resistance: Yes

Unique Oil Painting Canvas and Decor "Rose Refinement AG-812"

Rose Refinement AG-812 is another astonishing oil painting canvas by "Sarah Satkin" the Persian painter. Here is another successful work of art that has been painted on the canvas. Choosing the right dark-tone paints concluded such a mind-blowing rose painting. Though there are rose prints out there with a massive variety in both design and color, but what makes this canvas image so special is the combination of flowers with a human being. Feel free to visit every artwork shop, see if you can find some stunning artwork like this one.
But what makes "Rose Refinement AG-812" so special is the symbol of the combination of roses with humans in fine art, if one symbol represents love, power, royalty, beauty, sensuality, and mysticism, it is the rose. Also known as "the queen of flowers," the flower as we know it dates back to at least the Oligocene epoch (about thirty-three to twenty-three million years ago), and the combination of roses with human figures can double up the aesthetics of one art!
It might be interesting for you to know that on a basic biological level, humans and flowers have similar cells... Plant cells also have a central vacuole and a cell wall. Animal cells do not have chloroplasts, central vacuoles, or cell walls. However, most other organelles within animal cells are the same or similar to those in plant cells.


Rose Refinement AG-812 dimensions

Today, canvas images can vary in size, design, and technique, but what is the perfect dimension of a good poster/painting?... it depends on the dimension of the place, but we know that wall art should take up 60%- 75% of the available wall space, wall space that isn't covered by furniture or moldings. Start by measuring the width and height of your wall and then multiply them by both 0.60 and 0.75. This will give you the range of canvas print/painting sizes that will suit the space. although the painting "Rose Refinement AG-812" with the size of (70 x 90 cm - 2' 2 x 2' 9 ft) makes this piece of art quite suitable for almost every place.

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1' 9 x 2' 6 (ft)
60 x 80 (cm)
Border Size
2' 2 x 2' 9 (ft)
70 x 90 (cm)
Material AG
Oil Paints
~1 kg
Home Decoration
1 Reviews

The cheapest painting ever lol
Oh this is the only store you get to buy an original painting with such a low-end price.

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