Decorative Ceramic Bowl in Toronto
Ceramic Bowl with Calligraphy design available in Canada
Decorative Bowl with Calligraphy
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Decorative Ceramic Bowl in Toronto
Ceramic Bowl with Calligraphy design available in Canada
Decorative Bowl with Calligraphy

Decorative Ceramic Bowl with Calligraphy HC-2235

2 Reviews
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Material: Ceramic

Dimensions: 13x13x5 cm

Color: White

Weight: 1 kg

Fully Handmade and Washable

Available in Toronto, Ontario


Take a look at this stunning Calligraphy Bowl, bowl with this minimal basic calligraphy design; it can catch the eye easily, literally; calligraphy is the combination of old school art and modern art, and that's the point why people love this decorative type because it can affect both the past and the new generation. This artwork not only showcases longevity but also provides an elegant appearance that reflects its exceptional craftsmanship.

Decorative Bowl with Calligraphy

This handcrafted approach not only includes the uniqueness of each piece but also imbues it with a sense of genuineness and individual touch. Furthermore the piece is washable, making it simple to preserve its perfect appearance. The ceramic material permits for tender cleaning, ensuring the piece remains as stunning as the day it was made.

Decorative Bowl with Calligraphy HC-2235 

Decorative bowls designed with calligraphy are jack-of-all-trades enhancements for any home or office setting. They can be like captivating centerpieces on tea tables or shelves, attracting attention and igniting conversations. These Decorative Bowls are also suitable for holding items like Nuts, fruits, or decorative stones, thus adding both aesthetic appeal and practicality to a space. Furthermore, they make wonderful gifts for art and culture supporters. The refined elegance of calligraphy, paired with the utility of a bowl, renders these pieces ideal for a range of decor styles, from traditional to modern.

Order Ceramic Bowl with Calligraphy HC-2235 in Canada

The Calligraphy Bowl can be purchased in Canada at a best price by filling out the order form on our website. If you're interested in the Handicraft, our site offers a diverse selection of decorative bowls. For direct communication or any inquiries, simply click on the WhatsApp icon to easily get in touch with us.

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2 Reviews

Calligraphy technique is always the best. I really enjoy having this bowl in my house
By Negah on 07/03/2024

such amazing Bowl, not too big or too small.
By elina on 07/03/2024

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