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Iranian saffron has been recognized as one of the world's finest. One of the biggest benefits to buying saffron from Mostafavi company is that it’s a quality product that offers consumers an original and high-end purchase.

Mostafavi Saffron was established in 1990 to produce and supply Iranian Saffron and export it to other countries. The Mostafavi company is focused on sharing a taste of the most prized spice, Persian saffron, with the rest of the world. We ensure that Mostafavi's organic saffron is sustainable and of the highest quality.

Mostafavi Saffron

To ensure that its products meet customers' needs for high quality and are manufactured according to internationally recognized standards, Mostafavi saffron company manufactures and packages all its goods in a fully sanitary environment using advanced technology and committed experts. Mostafavi saffron consists of pure Kesar and nothing else. These beautiful strands of saffron add an amazing fragrance to your food, making it appetizing and tasty. Mostafavi Saffron will make your food look and taste spectacular. Whether you're preparing a dish for company or want to pamper yourself with something special, this exquisite spice has the power to give any meal a gourmet flair!Mostafavi Persian saffron

Cultivating and growing Kesar takes so much effort. To harvest each ounce of Red Sargol of Saffron, It's needed to grow 7000 Purple Saffron! The saffron flower should be hand-picked, and the stigmas should be taken precisely. 

The most expensive spice in the world is taken from a beautiful purple flower named Crocus Sativus. The farmers get the stigmas and styles (Threads) of this flower and dry it, and it's frequently used in cooking, coloring and medicine! There is No wonder that Saffron is called Red Gold! The Persistence of the color and smell compared with natural ones is adorable!

Iran produces 350 Tone Saffron or Crocus sativus plants yearly and is the world's leading saffron producer. Since the best price Iranian saffron is sold in Iran, purchasing high-quality Iranian Saffron should be from a reliable place. Buying Saffron online from Cyruscrafts store gives customers this assurance.

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