Persian Osetra caviar Ta-437
high-quality Osetra caviar Ta-437
Persian Osetra caviar Ta-437
high-quality Osetra caviar Ta-437

Osetra Caviar Ta-437| 50 gram pack

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Produced in Iran

Delicious and high-quality caviar

Caviar with light color

In package of 50 gram (1.76 ounce)


About Osetra Caviar Ta-437

Caviar is a delicious, invigorating, and energetic food that is digested and absorbed very quickly and has many vitamins and minerals. Caviar has a high percentage of protein that contains all the essential amino acids for the body. The minerals in caviar are very useful for repairing tissues and making various hormones and enzymes, especially for patients, and increase the body's immunity.

Osetra caviar, which is obtained from the sturgeon species, is the rarest and best caviar. This type of caviar has good taste. Astra caviar has a light color; That is why it is known as golden caviar. This precious substance is actually the unbelievable sturgeon eggs.

Ossetra caviar Ta-437

Osetra caviar is extracted from three famous fish of northern Iran, namely Iranian sturgeon, Russian sturgeon, and sloping caviar.

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50 gram (1.76 ounce)
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