Minakari candle holder - clay chimney candle holder
Minakari candle holder - clay chimney candle holder fw
Minakari candle holder - clay chimney candle holder
Minakari candle holder - clay chimney candle holder fw

Minakari Clay Chimney Candle Holder HC-868

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Height: 13 cm

Weight: 490 grams

Material: Clay

Product: Iranian handicrafts

Application: Decorative


Candleholders and candlesticks are among the basic items in home decoration. It may have occurred to you to use several models of candle holders or candlesticks to decorate your home, but the question always arises is which type of candle holder can be more suitable for your desired corner at home or office.

Using a Minakari candle holder is a cheap method with the aim of adding a dreamy feeling to the house, and if you choose carefully; Even when the candles are off, they will give a beautiful effect to the environment of the house or the office.

"Minakari Clay Chimney Candle Holder HC-868" Clay Material 

The minerals present in Minakari clay candle holders include iron oxide, metals, and other impurities. Iron oxide gives the earthenware plates a reddish color. It is important that the clay used for pottery be free of harmful impurities. The purity of the clay must be confirmed by a reputable laboratory.

To be sure, purity tests are performed in both the pre-production and post-production stages. Reputable companies regularly test different compositions of clay to achieve the best-quality clay that does not contain impurities. Unglazed earthenware made from such tested pure soil is 100% ineffective, non-reactive, and safe.

"Clay Chimney Candle Holder HC-868" Hand-Painted Minakari

Invest in hand-made Minakari Clay Chimney Candle Holder HC-868 to provide your home with that cozy and warm atmosphere. Instead of those common candle holders that you see in every store, these custom Minakari candle holders make an excellent difference to the ambiance of your house or office.

The earthenware candle holder "Minakari Clay Chimney Candle Holder HC-868" is a dual-purpose product that can be used both as a candle holder and as a bedside lamp. On the other hand, its decorative design and structure have a decorative aspect.

Let fall a beautiful thought of yours down in the comment.

H: 13 cm
490 grams
Clouds and Flowers
1 Reviews

Minakari clay chimney candle holder is perfect for the bedroom and dining table. I want more size of this unique handicraft candlestick.
By Stella on 07/16/2022

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