Buy online dried Pineapple | sale of premium dried fruits
buy dried fruits Ta-966
Buy online dried Pineapple | sale of premium dried fruits
buy dried fruits Ta-966

Farm Rise Dried Pineapple Ta-966| 250 grams

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Produced in Iran

Produced from the best type of pineapple

Rich in Dietary Fibre

They have a delectable flavour

In the package of 250 grams (8.81 ounce)


Be sure to try the dry and sweet pineapple. Everyone knows it as one of the most delicious dried fruits. Like candy, Farm Rise Dried Pineapple Ta-966 are full of sugar crystals that making them an excellent snack for kids and adults.

Farm Rise Dried Pineapple Ta-966 detail

Dried pineapple is a magical mountaineering food and one of the edible contents in the backpack of mountaineers during the trip. This delicious snack contains natural sugars and vitamins and provides the energy needed to reach a large hill. Their chewy texture allows you to experience their sour and sweet aroma fully. Buying dried fruits online, such as dried pineapple, from a reputable website is the best and fastest way to prepare it; enter your details and exact address in the CyrusCrafts online store to have a bowl full of dried fruits in the quickest time.

buy online dried pineapple Ta-966

Properties of Farm Rise Dried Pineapple Ta-966

Like any other dried fruit, dried pineapple is rich in vitamins and fiber, which will help the body. It has no extra sugar, but just like fruit juice, it has natural sugar. All researchers consider it a healthy snack because it contains more vitamins than other snacks, and everyone prefers to include it in their children's list of foods. The texture of this dried fruit provides you with more calories than its new form because its calories and sugar increase when it dries.

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