Handmade Turquoise Earrings AC-1552

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Material: Silver & Turquoise 

Weight: 3 gr

Rock: Turquoise 

Color: Blue


Handmade turquoise earrings AC-1552 are made with silver materials and genuine turquoise stones; the earrings are handmade and can be ordered for women.

Details of handmade turquoise earrings AC-1552

The handmade turquoise earrings AC-1552 are designed with a unique design of a small leaf, a semicircle, and a turquoise stone mold. Besides, each ear is designed opposite to have a unique style.

The turquoise stone has been famous among Iranian kings in the past, so they believed that the turquoise stone is a symbol of desire and power. Therefore, this precious stone was used for royal jewelry.

Neishabur turquoise stone is the most expensive and most authentic turquoise stone in the world, and unique jewelry is made with this stone. In addition, Iranian people believe that turquoise stone keeps disease and bad things away from people.

Of course, be careful in maintaining the turquoise stone because turquoise is a living stone, and cosmetics, cologne, direct sunlight, and heat destroy its color and use only water to wash this stone.

Suitable style with handmade turquoise earrings AC-1552

Earrings have a minimal design and are stylish accessories for young women! You can use these turquoise earrings for romantic dates, friendly gatherings, family parties, Etc. Of course, ordering earrings with the necklace set is better.

Pair turquoise earrings with clothes in cream, gray, orange, navy, white, and black colors. Of course, you can use a blue color similar to turquoise stone in choosing your clothes.

In Cyruscrafts online store, we offer handmade and authentic Iranian products so that you can order attractive sets of jewelry and clothes according to your taste.

3 gr
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