Gaz candy Ta-888
Buy online Gaz candy Ta-888
Gaz candy Ta-888
Buy online Gaz candy Ta-888

Mozaffari Gaz Candy Ta-888| 33% pistachio

delivery in 8 to 15 days

Produced in Iran (Isfahan)

Gaz type: pistachios Gaz

Box type: wood and lotus

Net weight: 400 gram (14.10 once) 


Mozaffari Gaz Candy Ta-888 detail

Gaz is one of the central confectionery arts in Isfahan, and it is the best and healthiest source of energy. Mozaffari Gaz Candy Ta-888 contains no preservatives or additives, so it is safe to consume. Gaz is produced without chemical additives, such as dyes, essential oils, and preservatives, so none of these additives can be harmful. In addition, herbal additives have unique properties rich properties. For this reason, it can be said that Gaz is the best sweet for all ages, especially children. Sugar, egg whites, cardamom, rose, and various nuts prepare Gaz candy. The pistachio kernel is the most crucial kernel added to Gaz. Pistachios are highly nutritious and rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and amino acids. Pistachios are also rich in minerals, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, copper, and sodium.

Persian Gaz Candy Ta-888

Conditions and method of maintenance of Mozaffari Gaz Candy Ta-888

Gaz should be stored in a cool, dry place. The best way to buy is as much as you consume. However, if you want to keep the Mozaffari Gaz for a long time, put each package in a plastic bag before opening the box, pack it so that ambient air will not enter, and place it in the freezer. Method You can keep Gaz for up to a year.

Why CyrusCrafts?

CyrusCrafts™ by an excellent infrastructure background,  professional and specialized activity in the field of sales and export of high-quality vintage and modern Iranian goods to different parts of the world, is now proud to offer you the most peculiar and original decorative and tasty items with the latest transfer processes, Support Customers and after-sales service, responsibly.

35 x 23 x 20 cm
Glucose, pistachio kernels, sugar, egg whites, honey, rose, additives, water
400-600 grams (14.10-21.16 ounce)
Gaz Gift Box
Pistachio Gaz
Mozaffari Gaz
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