Hafez poetry book Ta-1031
Divan Hafez Ta-1031
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Hafez poetry book Ta-1031
Divan Hafez Ta-1031
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Hafez Poetry Book Ta-1031

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Produced in Iran

Book Cover Type: Natural leather with frame

number of pages: 390

Weight: 2000 gr

The Divan of Hafez is one of the best books of classical Iranian literature that is very important for Iranian people. Hafez's poems are respected and valuable among Iranians, and his words are regarded as integral and valid. Hafez Poetry Book Ta-1031 is a good gift for those interested in ancient literature and history.

About the poet of the Hafez Poetry Book Ta-1031

Teachings of the Philosopher of Love provides an excellent introduction to the man known as the philosopher of love, whose message of spiritual transcendence through rapture and service to others is especially important for our troubled world. He speaks directly to the cutting edge of philosophy, psychology, social theory, and education. In addition, it can be a bridge of understanding between two cultures in desperate need of mutual understanding.

Hafez Poetry Book Ta-1031 detail

In Hafez's book, there are not only lyric poems; Because in this valuable book, poems with other poetic forms can be seen. Hafez's Divan has become widespread despite the unique lyric poems and heartfelt poems of Hafez Shirazi. Hafez always composes his poems with eloquence.

The illustration is one of the most critical aspects of Hafez Divan. While composing his lyric poems, he has tried to illustrate and create space as much as possible. In addition, Hafez's book consists of separate stories within each verse and cannot be separated from the poem. Hafez's poems usually have a delightful melody, which makes them so popular. 

Natural leather
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