handmade persian silk rugs Rc-338
hand knotted silk rugs Rc-338
handmade silk carpet price Rc-338
handmade silk rugs Rc-338
handmade persian silk rugs Rc-338
hand knotted silk rugs Rc-338
handmade silk carpet price Rc-338
handmade silk rugs Rc-338

Grey and Red Handmade Silk Rug 3'X6' RC-1647

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Hand Knotted Silk Rugs RC-1647

Length: 6' 1.92" (188 cm) / Width: 3' 9.24" (115 cm)

Excellent Quality and Stunning Design

Density: 45 raj (knot per 7 cm)

Note: The raj is a unit for measuring the quality of the carpet, which shows the density of the number of carpet knots in the dimensions of 7 cm. the higher the density, the more exquisite the carpet will be.


Grey and Red Handmade Silk Rug 3'X6' RC-1647 is produced in Isfahan province. This carpet has a dense texture and also about 45raj. For the production of this handmade rug, wool and silk have been used, and natural dyeing has been used for the color of it. Due to its special design and color, it has many fans inside and outside Iran. This silk carpet is 100% washable.

Features of This Grey and Red Handmade Silk Rug 3'X6' RC-1647

  1. This silk carpet has extremely high strength and quality, which makes it long-lasting.
  2. This carpet is made of a combination of natural silk and woven yarn, which makes its price very reasonable compared to its quality.
  3. The use of 100% natural material in the production and coloring of this carpet has turned it into a hypoallergenic carpet.
  4. Persian handmade rug is always considered as a long-term investment, which with the passage of time and aging, not only its price and value does not decrease, but it also becomes a family wealth.
  5. This rug is suitable for the living room and bedroom. This grey rug with lacquered red Toranj in the middle can give your home a special effect.
  6. This carpet has a unique pattern that can be found in luxury hotels or luxury gatherings. Spreading this carpet in your home inspires the viewer with good taste and a sense of aristocratic life.

handmade persian silk rugs

Why Buy this Rug from Cyruscrafts?

Because Cyrucrafts has several years of experience exporting Persian handicrafts, such as Persian rugs and home accessories, to different parts of the world, especially Canada and the USA. In this online store, professional experts in each category will answer your questions and make it easier for you to choose and buy the right product. Packages are shipped all over Canada and USA in the shortest possible time.

~ 4' x 6' (120cm x 180cm)
Small Rugs
Knot Density (Raj / KPSI)
40 Raj (~ 210 KPSI)
Home Decoration
City of Origin
Nain, Isfahan, Iran
Weaving Type
2 Reviews


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