Wall hanging toreutics cooper with inlaid frame HC-1163

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Fabulous hang wall for every design made by expert master

Frame dimension: 70 * 90 cm

Hand engraving dimension: 50 *  70 cm

By purchasing this wall hanging, you will have two items of Iranian handicrafts at work. You will benefit from both inlaid handicrafts in the frame and the unique art of engraving.

What makes this product unique?

First of all, we must tell you that the essential thing that makes this product unique, beautiful, and valuable is that this product is made by the most skilled masters and is handmade.

After the previous case, it is worth mentioning that the art of engraving is more than 100 years old and is one of the most valuable Iranian handicrafts.

Who to clean?

The frame of this valuable wall hanging is decorated with inlaid art on which a layer of elegant polyester is embedded.
This layer makes it easy to quickly clean the board with a soft, slightly damp cloth if it gets dusty or dirty, and you can see its shine and beauty like the first day.

More information about this product in interior design

This wall hanger can be impressive for any design and double the beauty of your decoration. The combination of this unique wall hanging on top of the sofa can make the focal point of your space.

This Persian metal wall art can show its beauty in any decoration style, such as neo-classical, classic, or modern. It is one of the incredible capabilities of handicrafts that have remarkable beauty in all types.

More information about this product

This beautiful wall hanger is made by hand and Iranian handicrafts. The material of this painting is copper. Copper is usually known for copper color, but this painting is made with silver plating to enhance its beauty.

The inner size of this product is 50 * 70 cm, and the outer dimension is 20 cm more, which means something equal to 70 * 90 cm.

The frame of this painting is inlaid, and a layer of polyester is placed on it.

Frame dimension: 70 * 90 cm
Hand engraving dimension: 50 * 70 cm
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1 Reviews

Wall hanging toreutics cooper with inlaid frame is unique. This handicraft art has a reasonable price. I love Persian hand-engrave wall hanging like this.

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