Copper Hand engraved wall hanging with inlaid frame HC-1178

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Beautiful copper wall hanging

Dimensions: 106 * 62 cm

Weight: 8500 grams

Usage: Decorative / wall Hanging

For those interested in Iranian handicrafts, placing a beautiful engraved painting as a decoration on the wall seems to be a good choice.

Copper Hand engraved wall hanging with inlaid frame HC-1178

Engraving is the art of creating patterns on metal objects. Art in which elegance, precision, and patience are essential requirements. Flower and Bird motifs are still the most common engraving motifs in many metal works. They are one of the most popular designs.

What is the material of this hand-engraved wall hanging?

In this engraving mural, flower and chicken designs are created on a sheet of copper metal with very delicate pens.

The space around the design is made of suede and black fabric, which has a more silver effect.

Exquisite inlaid wooden frame with dimensions of 102 × 62 cm, made of wood, metal, yarn, and camel bone, this engraving plate includes 80 × 40 cm.

More information about this product

We present This hand grave wall hanging with:

  • a hanging ring
  • a glass
  • wooden sheet for behind the frame

How to clean?

This panel is straightforward and convenient to clean because the polyester layer placed on the inlay of the frame protects it from damage.

You can clean this beautiful frame with a slightly damp towel. However, make sure that the humidity is very low and do not use products that contain chemicals for cleaning.

80*40 cm
Border Size
102*62 cm
Metal / Wood
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