Hand Engraving Silver candy Dish HC-1185

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sterling silver candy dish

Material: Silver

Weight: 653.3 gr

Height: 20 cmhttps://www.cyruscrafts.com/categories/53/toreutics-hand-engraving

Opening diameter: 20 cm

Usage: Home / Decorative / Candy Server

A work of art with high-quality engraving
The delicacy in the engraving has caused the eyes to constantly look for the beauty of this work, and after a while, a satisfied smile will sit on your lips. Paying attention to detail is one of the positive points of this exquisite work.

Hand Engraving Silver candy Dish HC-1185

The silver cupboard, and the use of silverware in home decor and the reception, create a stylish, memorable and luxurious atmosphere that you can buy from Sharif Silver Gallery to buy it.
Kashkul is the name of a container with a unique design that has existed in Iran for a long time and was mostly made of different materials such as bark and coconut, pottery, and metals such as copper, rice, and silver.

Flower and bird designs, one of the world's most famous and ancient Iranian designs, have been used with great delicacy. Another thing that can be mentioned about the design of this product is the delicate calligraphy that has been used quite artistically. By preparing this product, you can claim that you have the most valuable Iranian arts and crafts for yourself.

what makes this product unique?

This work of art can move the beautiful borders in the decoration of your space and add value to your place. Because in addition to this product, a valuable handicraft in the world, it is also made of silver metal, which adds to the beauty and value of the product.

Height: 20 cm
Opening diameter: 20 cm
653.3 gr
1 Reviews

This hand-engraving silver candy dish is stunning; the details, shape, and material are perfect

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