Persian Hand Engraved Nut & Candy Bowl HC-1234

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Fully Handmade Persian Dish

Size: 16 * 11 cm

Material: copper

Color: Silver & Black

Technique: Hand Engraving

Usage: Home | Home Decor | Nut Bowl | Candy Bowl

The heart of Iranian handicrafts has a high and important position in the art of engraving and geometry on metal products. For this Persian Handicraft engraving style, we must have a different attitude and perspective.

How is this product made?

First of all, the body of this Persian Hand Engraved Nut & Candy Bowl is made of a High-Quality thick copper sheet; after that, this product is coated with tin, and then the art of engraved was performed by an expert master at the end a black engraving method performed that you can see the glory and elegance this steps on the product.

Traditional Islamic designs, and their elegance, are solid and lasting works.

More information about Hand Engraved Nut & Candy Bowl

Before buying this product, you should know a candy bowl makes a beautiful decoration on the table and other spaces and places.

The size of this Persian hand-engraved nut is 16 * 11 cm. It is noteworthy that this product has a lid of the same design and material as the dish.

Do you think Persian Hand Engraved Nut & Candy Bowl with lid and made of copper is the product you are looking for? If your answer is Yes, The Cyruscrafts team presents the best price and safe and fast delivery to Canada and the USA.

16 * 11 cm
Silver & Black
1 Reviews

Perfect size to nut bowl on the coffee table

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