Enamel And Engrave Handmade Candy Bowl HC-1240

3 Reviews
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The Best Handicraft Candy Bowl Dish

Height: 28 cm

Material: copper & Silver

Technique: Enamel & Hand Engraving

Colors: Silver & Blue

Usage: Home | Home Decor | Serving Dish

Handicrafts have been one of the first tools of human interaction with each other in different societies. They, therefore, provide important information about the history of different countries of the world.

Information you need to know about this product

  • The new product is designed in a style that combines enamelling and engraving.
  • The material of this product is copper, and the work surface is covered with 84-carat silver.
  • Engraving and plating are done manually.
  • The appearance of the product is quite similar to all silver utensils.
  • It should be noted that since the products are entirely artists' work, there is a possibility of height differences of up to 1cm.
    enamel and engrave Persian handicraft candy bowl

Production method enamel And engrave handmade candy bowl

The works are entirely original. To produce this product, artists first cut copper sheets with the appropriate diameter and size. Then, with a bending machine, they create the desired deformation. The dish's surface is thoroughly cleaned of dirt, and the dish is ready to be engraved. In the engraving workshop, the design is applied mentally to the product without using a pattern. Then it is engraved with a hammer and an iron pen, and when it reaches the stage of enamelling by the artists. Then silver plating is done on these dishes minus the enamelled environment. With this coating, the dishes become exactly the same as all-silver dishes, but the price is reduced to one-eighth. And finally, it's time to paint. At this stage, the containers are insulated to prevent discolouration.

Maintain handmade candy dish

The lacquer coating protects the container from moisture and water. But it is vulnerable to direct sunlight, high temperatures, sharp objects and detergents. So to stay healthy, keep the container in the right place.

To clean, just dust the surface with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately.

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Height: 28 cm
3 Reviews

Couldn`t be better
Enamel and engrave handmade candy bowl is the best handmade product I`ve ever seen. colors, shape, material and size are perfect.

Very Good
I purchased this enamel and engrave handmade candy bowl and an artisan cashmere blue table cloth, and the two items went well together. The design used on this dish is gorgeous. The price of this product is reasonable considering the material and design. I recommend that you buy it too.

Perfect to buy
Your Copper Candy bowl has the best price, and its size perfectly suits the coffee table and decoration. I genuinely recommend the purchase

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