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Copper Painting Nut Bowl With Lid HC-1281

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Stunning Nut Bowl For Your Home

Size: 35 CM

Material: Copper

Usage: Home | Decorative | Candy & Nut Bowl

CyrusCrafts painted lid nut bowls in small, medium, and large sizes have a lovely effect and can be a great gift or a stylish Iranian decorative device for your home. In the copper handicraft collection, you can use this beautiful dish cleverly and artistically using a single color set to decorate a unique house.

Copper Painting Nut Bowl With Lid HC-1281

First, raw copper is shaped by artists in the appropriate thickness and predetermined form. The dish is then given to the master painters to perform the process of enameling and painting on a copper background.

Using delicate brushes, painters apply blue, red, orange, white, and other colors to the dish. Then, for more polishing, no lip filling, and copper color change, the German polyester coating covers the work surface in 3 steps.

  • The nut bowl has a three-year warranty card.
  • The product has the national standard mark of Iran.
  • The high-quality copper painting, inspired by the art of pottery, has been artistically created by painters.
  • The colors azure blue, green, red, orange, and white are all in cheerful and vibrant color harmony.

There may be a height difference of up to 1 cm between each product since they are all artists' works.

Maintenance of nut bowl

In order to prevent copper and map discoloration, several layers of high-quality polyester are encased.

It is recommended that painted cooper dishes remain lustrous by following these instructions:

  • Sunlight should not be applied to copper utensils.
  • These products should not be stored in humid environments.
  • Surfaces of the products should not be exposed to chemical detergents.
  • Copper utensils can be cleaned best in nano wipes.

This beautiful product's price makes it an excellent choice for exquisite occasional gifts that you can give your friends and family. A few clicks are all it takes to order and purchase this product.

35 cm
Persian blue
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