Ornamental Plate with Evil Eye Design HC-1642
Ornamental Plate with Evil Eye Design HC-1642

Ornamental Plate with Evil Eye Design HC-1642

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Unique Ornamental plate with Unique Design to Hang on the Wall

Dimensions: 30x30 cm

Weight: 800 Grams

Primary Material: Copper

Technique: Hand-painted & Modern Engraving

Product: Persian Handicrafts

Application: Home Décor | Wall Hanging | Office

Enamel products are a traditional and ancient art form in Iran. It is one of the most striking original Iranian arts. Enamel is also known as the art of fire and earth and is defined by the word "blue sky." Among the original handicrafts, it has been included in this collection. It is estimated by art historians to date back to 1500 BC. Many historical monuments have also been adorned with metal enamels from the sixth and fourth centuries BC.

Ornamental plate with evil eye design HC-1642 Details

In this 30x30 cm decorative plate, modern engraving and enameling are used. Expert hands have meticulously and delicately crafted all the details. The quality and color combination adds to the beauty of the product. In the middle of this product, there is a 9 cm diameter Evil eye. The edge of this eye is covered with golden color, which makes it more harmonious with the body of the product, which has a copper color. It should also be mentioned that the surface of the Evil eye is raised to add to the product's beauty.
Ornamental plate with unique design to hang on the wall

This product is made of high-purity copper metal. You can use cold water and a soft and wet cloth to clean this product. However, please note that you shouldn't use solid or weak detergents such as glass cleaner or polish on enamel parts. In that case, it will lose the chemical coating (polyester), and the browser will turn black. Also, this product does not change color due to humid weather in cities with high humidity.

Due to its stylish appearance and structure, this ornamental plate can be used in different spaces, and you can also use it in all kinds of shapes. For example, we can refer to the following:

  • On the wall (for the bedroom, living room, reception room and study room)
  • In the form of a stand (on the coffee table, desk, conference table and reception desk)
  • You can also present this copper plate to your loved ones. Copper utensils are usually considered a special gift by those interested in them. You can give this product to your loved ones on occasions such as a birthday or a New Year's gift.
30x30 cm
800 Grams
Home Décor | Office
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