Special Minakari Plate (Full View)
Special Minakari Plate (Decorated)
Special Minakari Plate (Lower Angle)
Special Minakari Plate (Full View)
Special Minakari Plate (Decorated)
Special Minakari Plate (Lower Angle)

Decorative Minakari Plate HC- 200

HC- 200
1 Reviews

Minakari plate

Handmade in Isfahan / Persia (Iran)

Glazed Hand Painting on Copper Dish

Absorbing minakari plate HC-200

This sunflower design Minakari plate in size 9.84 inches (25 cm) has a copper engraved background and the inside of its engravings are decorated with painted Minakari style. The colors used in this Minakari handicraft, are azure blue, cyan blue, and white.
In actual fact, with buying this Minakari plate, you buy various products that can be used in decorative, for example, use as a confectionery next to furniture. Islamic and Khatai motifs adorn this plate. This plate is made of copper with a weight of about 300 grams. Due to the glass glaze, this Minakari plate can be washed at different temperatures. In order to protect and prevent the glaze from breaking or cracking, please take care when using it.

This product is produced by "Hassan Soltani" brand from a manufacturer called Painting Minakari in Isfahan.

Special Minakari Plate (Description)

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size 9.84 inch (25 cm)
1 Reviews

unique dish ...
It is a unique dish ... and I think its yellow color makes it even more interesting. Can you get this product in the yellow color?

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