Bijar Handmade Runner Rug Rc-242 full view
Bijar Handmade Runner Rug Rc-242 side view
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Bijar Handmade Runner Rug Rc-242 full view
Bijar Handmade Runner Rug Rc-242 side view
Bijar Handmade Runner Rug Rc-242 zoom in

Bijar Handmade 2'X6' Runner Rug RC-886

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Handmade runner carpet

High durability and excellent quality

Length: 9' 3" (202 cm) / Width: 2' 4.68" (75 cm)


This Bijar hand-woven 2'X6' runner rug RC-886 is a type of carpet with a long length and is used in hallways, stairs, entrances, and hallways of the home and turns them into a beautiful place.

About Bijar Handmade 2'X6' Runner Rug RC-886

When you have a house with a hallway entrance, flattening the runner rug and doormat can help create a pleasant atmosphere and make guests, and even yourself feel welcome when entering your home and dealing with a comfortable atmosphere.

The production of quality cotton carpets has caused a slight lack of uniformity in the colors of the carpet to give it a unique and eye-catching effect, which has been enhanced by traditional dyeing with completely natural colors. The yarn and fabric of this carpet are also made of cotton yarn, which has given it good strength to maintain its durability for many years due to under-foot use.

The most common way to match a sofa with a red carpet is to choose your furniture from the complementary colors of the rug. Complementing red is green. In general, by using complementary color contrast, light shadow contrast, and cold and warm contrast in the choice of colors, you can increase the visual beauty of the space.

Just note that the red carpet itself does not attract enough attention. So if you choose furniture and appliances in a modern style or with simpler designs and decorations, the house's atmosphere will be more relaxing.

thickness of runner rug rc-242

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Cotton Yarn
Home Decoration
Weaving Type
Floral Medallion-Allover
1 Reviews

What material is this rug?
By Jennie Clarke on 07/27/2022

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