Candy Box
Inlay Wooden Lid
Persian Handicraft Inlay wooden Candy & Nut Box | Iranian Hanicraft
Candy Box
Inlay Wooden Lid
Persian Handicraft Inlay wooden Candy & Nut Box | Iranian Hanicraft

Inlay Wooden Lid Candy Box HC-1242

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100% Handmade

Length: 22 CM

Width: 22 CM

Height: 9 CM

Material: Wood

Usage: Home | Decorative | Candy & Nut Box


The inlay is a work of fine Iranian arts and crafts with a long history and roots dating back over 1000 years.

What makes this product unique?

  • The product has a three-year warranty.
  • The product is made of wood and inlaid coating
  • Cover by a grade 1 polyester layer
  • Perfect size: Length 22, width 22, height 9 cm

It should be noted that since the products are entirely artists' work, there is a possibility of height differences of up to 1cm.
Persian inlay wooden candy box

What is The production method of this product?

First, different types of wood and bones are prepared in different colors and cut with special tools, and triangles are prepared from them. To complete the design, wires in the form of triangles are needed, and different steps are taken to prepare them.
A craftsman draws the idea, and these wooden, bone and metal triangles are put together and glued together by the artist with skillful and skillful hands by a round wire prepared in a regular hexagonal shape and to it. That is called "Shamseh" .
It is said that around each side, six wires are attached by my head and fastened with thread, and the result is a star design.

The inlays are glued with a unique adhesive based on the design, color, shape and dimensions of the place used on the work surface. The work is prepared for lubrication and polishing with unique materials such as sealants and polyester. The quality of a good inlay depends on the small role and regularity of the design, all of which can be summed up in the skill of the craftsman in preparing the raw materials and how to use it with great patience and precision.

How to maintain this product?

The inlay is one of the arts that can be performed mainly on wood. Khatam sheets are glued to the body of wooden handicrafts, so it is necessary to pay attention to several important points to maintain them. High heat and direct sunlight are among the factors that can destroy the structure of Khatam handicrafts. To clean, just dust the surface with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately.

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Length 22, width 22, height 9 cm
KhatamKari (Wood Inlay)
1 Reviews

The details on this inlay wooden lid candy box are very artistically used. I keep candies in this container. The lid of this dish keeps the contents inside the container clean.
By Alexandra on 07/02/2022

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