modern sectional sofa
sectional modern couch
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modern sectional sofa
sectional modern couch

Modern Sectional Sofa in Grey ID-2005

3 Reviews
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Dimensions: 246×206×91.5 cm

Clothing Color: Grey

Legs Color: Black

Seater Number: Four, Sectional

Includes: A Right-Hand Facing Chaise Sofa and A Floating Ottoman with a Pull-Out Stool

Easy to Clean

Available in: Ontario (Toronto)


The Grey modern sectional sofa ID-2005 is an amazing and cozy living room couch that has many options despite being designed for small spaces. Modern couches these days are so space-saving and practical.

modern style sectional sofa

Modern Sectional Sofa ID-2005's Features

The ID-2005 product is a flawless piece of contemporary home furniture that suffices a living room individually. It is not only a regular sectional sofa. You can turn it into a bed by easily floating the components. Moreover, this modern-style sleeper sectional sofa has storage boxes that you can open and close as easily as you see in the product's pictures.

Buy Modern Sectional Sofas in Toronto, Ontario

Now that you know the properties of our grey modern sectional sofas, you may want to have one in your home. It is so straightforward to order this item or other products on the website from any spot in Toronto, Ontario. You only need to fill out the order form and wait to receive it right at the address.
If you live in any other region of Canada or the USA, please send us a text message on WhatsApp to get information about shipping terms and conditions.

modern sofa in Toronto

wooden sofa in Toronto

Seater Number
4 seater
Store Location
3 Reviews

I really enjoy sleeping on this sleeper sofa bed.
By Amir on 07/02/2024

This sectional is space-saving during the day and restful during the night :)
By Noah C. on 06/16/2024

It is my bed in the living room.
By Ella on 06/16/2024

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