grey modern sofa couch
modern grey sofa couch
buy grey modern sofa couch
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grey modern sofa couch
modern grey sofa couch
buy grey modern sofa couch

Grey Modern Sofa Couch ID-2066

2 Reviews
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Upholstery: Velvet

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Legs Color: Silver

Clothing Color: Grey

Dimensions: 210×96×64 cm

Easy to Clean

Available in: Toronto, Ontario


It is a modern sofa in grey velvet upholstery. By removing the backrest pillows, you can turn it into a bed. Almost all of CyrusCrafts' Modern Sofa Couch collection items are effortlessly convertible to beds. Moreover, you can visit other unique interior design elements, set them with your modern grey sofa couch, and enjoy.

grey modern sofa couch in Toronto

Buy a Grey Modern Sofa Couch in Toronto

Modern sofa couches are 3-seater sofas with contemporary designs. This product's grey color makes it easy to match other decorative items. You can buy it with a free door-to-door delivery in Toronto, Ontario, and a small fee for other spots in Canada and the USA.
Furthermore, CyrusCrafts, an international, Canada-based company, sells Persian rugs, traditional and contemporary decorations, clothing and accessories, and organic rare foods at the best prices worldwide.
You can surf the website, select your beloved products, fill out their order form, or text on WhatsApp to place an order or ask questions. The customer service center is ready to answer all your questions quickly.

modern sofa in Toronto

wooden sofa in Toronto

Seater Number
3 seater
Frame Material
Stainless Steel
Store Location
2 Reviews

CyrusCrafts accomplishes excellent customer service. The sofa's comfort is good, but it's not a sofa to snuggle into—it's more of a couch to sit down and watch TV. Still, it's great for a starter sofa.
By Leo a buyer on 06/24/2024

This sofa turns to bed when you remove its backrest cushions.
By Ethan M. on 06/16/2024

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