modern ivory sofa golden leg
modern grey armchair golden leg
modern ivory and grey sofa set
modern golden leg ivory sofa
modern golden leg grey sofa
modern ivory sofa golden leg
modern grey armchair golden leg
modern ivory and grey sofa set
modern golden leg ivory sofa
modern golden leg grey sofa

Modern Sofa Set with Golden legs ID-985

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Body material: Stainless Steel

Clothing material: Velvet

Filling material: Polyurethane

Body color: Optional (Silver and Gold)

Clothing color: Optional (White, Ivory, Cream, Grey, Cinereous, Beige)

Total Seater number: 8-seater 


includes: 2 sofas, and 2 armchairs

Easy to clean


This comfy sofa set has a great design. The inner coil's material is a strong beech wood, and the body is stainless steel. The textile that clothes the sofas is Velvet. The company has filled these sofas with polyurethane, one of the best filling materials in the sofa industry.

modern golden leg ivory sofa - interior design

What is Stainless Steel?

Chemically, Stainless Steel is an iron alloy containing nearly 10 percent of Chromium. Fusing the Chromium into the alloy of iron makes the iron corrosion-resistant. Therefore this resistance helps ordinary steel stay changeless over a long time. It means that Stainless Steel neither rusts nor corrodes. In other words, industries use stainless steel in their products to make them long-lasting.

Stainless Steel in the Furniture Industry

Stainless Steel is one of the best staple materials in the furniture industry because:

  • It is long-lasting: All people buy appliances to use them, and nobody likes their furniture to be useless early. So it is essential for a classic or modern sofa, for example, to have enough resistance and last long.
  • It doesn't compound other chemicals: We clean our home and staff regularly, so thus using detergents is inevitable. Some materials compound with other chemical compounds like detergents and get broken, but Stainless Steel is uncompoundable. So if your sofa's legs are Stainless Steel, you can clean it and your home's floor without any consciousness about the sofa's legs.
  • It stays in shape for a long time: Stainless Steel keeps its original shine and color over the years because they are uncompoundable. Since home decoration elements need to be shiny and look splendid, buying Stainless Steel furniture would be a great idea to have a luxury interior design.
  • They can manufacture it in different colors: A great news is that there are many attractive colors of Stainless Steel that you can choose when you want to order your sofa according to your other furniture.

You have read Stainless Steel properties and know the benefits of having a Stainless Steel sofa. So what do you wait for? All left is to decide your favorite color and order your royal sofa set.

Seater Number
8 seater
Frame Material
Stainless Steel
1 Reviews

wonderful legs
By Jina on 05/29/2022

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