Golden Pool Necklace & Earrings Set AC-1208

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Material: Needlework & Brass

Gender: Women

Color: Blue & Golden

Price Of Earrings: 82

Price Of Necklace: 74


The earrings and necklaces of the golden pool are made of needlework materials and brass metal. This set can also be ordered separately.

Design of Golden Pool Earrings and Necklace

Iranian houses have always had a small pool called a pond. These ponds are made of turquoise, which usually always has a few fish and lotus inside the pond. In designing this set, Iranian ponds have been modeled to be a symbol of Iranian houses.

The turquoise blue color in the needlework of this set conveys the feeling of peace and love. Baloch women have elegantly sewn this design to introduce Iranian art to the people of different countries, such as the United States and Canada.

The metal used in this set is brass, which has a beautiful and unique combination with the needle-colored turquoise color.

 A suitable style for earrings and necklaces

The style of this set is a combination of modern and traditional so that it can be easily combined with most types. You can use Iranian yellow, white, black, and red colors.

Choose shoes and bags that match the style of clothing you wear. You will have an attractive Iranian style if you use Iranian hand-needlework shoes and needlework bags.

On the Cyruscrafts site, you can order various Iranian accessories with a unique styles. At Cyruscrafts, we export Iranian art to the world.

Target Gender
Womens jewelry
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