Turquoise Necklace AC-1536

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Material: Gold & Turquoise Stone

Weight: 2.530 gr | 0.0055 lb 

Rock: Turquoise 

Color: Gold & Blue 


The turquoise necklace AC-1536 is made with gold and original Neishabur turquoise stone. Each turquoise necklace is unique because the designs of the turquoise stones are different, and each stone has a unique design.

AC-1536 About the turquoise necklace

The turquoise necklace AC-1536 is one of the most popular Iranian jewelry because the turquoise stone has been a favorite of the great Achaemenid kings since ancient Iran.

In ancient times, the turquoise stone was gifted to other lands as a wish stone with magical properties.

The turquoise stone is one of the most expensive gems in the world and is used in the jewelry industry. Of course, many people in Iran believe that turquoise stone has healing properties and is beneficial for human health! 

 The turquoise stone is placed inside the gold mold and can be ordered with a gold chain in the desired size. Of course, you can order the turquoise stone with a mold and silver chain, but gold has more value and beauty. The turquoise stone is a living stone, and environmental factors affect its beauty. Therefore, do not expose the turquoise stone to detergents, cosmetics, and cologne; use sea salt and water to clean the turquoise stone.

In addition, heat and direct sunlight make the turquoise stone pale. Therefore, do not expose your turquoise necklace to sunlight or heat.

Suitable style with a turquoise necklace AC-1536

The turquoise necklace has a vintage style made in a modern way. Therefore, it can be easily used with classic, vintage, and even casual styles.

Of course, use accessories such as turquoise earrings or a turquoise ring in your style for more harmony. Of course, the turquoise necklace alone is attractive and unique.

In Cyruscrafts online store, you can order your favorite turquoise stone with gold or silver. Here we offer you the best Iranian jewelry.

2.530 gr | 0.0055 lb
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