Menagerie Jewelry AC-1555

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Material: Copper & Steel

Gender: Women

Color: Green

Style: Minimal

Price Of Earrings: 57.99

Price Of Necklace: 73.99


Meenakari jewelry AC-1555 includes Meenakari necklaces and earrings, which can be ordered in green color and standard size for women. But what are enamel ornaments?!

About Meenakari jewelry AC-1555

Meenakari is an old art in Iran, mainly used for decorative dishes, but enameling ornaments have been trending in Iran for a long time. In Meenakari, they paint on metals such as gold, silver, and copper and place them in the furnace to register the colors. Of course, copper metal is mainly used for enameling because it is resistant!

The Meenakari necklace and earrings were designed and made by an Iranian artist, who used authentic Iranian forms and motifs in green, orange, and red colors to design this set. Enamel jewelry is made with copper metal but is hypoallergenic; steel is used for chains and earring locks.

In addition, Meenakari ornaments are resistant due to being placed in the oven and can be used for years without getting damaged or their color becoming old.

A suitable style for Meenakari jewelry AC-1555

Meenakari necklaces and earrings are classic and can be used with vintage and classic styles. So you can easily use this set with classic style.

Because of the patterns and details of the jewelry, wear clothes with neutral colors such as cream, navy, white, and gray so that your jewelry can be seen more!

This Meenakari jewelry is a good choice for a gift or souvenir from Iran because it is authentic Iranian art. Unlike enamel dishes, it is lightweight and less expensive.

In the Cyruscrafts online store, you can buy enamel jewelry at a reasonable price so that we can send it to you in the shortest possible time in any country you are in.

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