Faravahar Meenakari Necklace AC-1560

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Material: Copper & Steel 

Color: Blue

Target Gender: Unisex

Persian Meenakari 


The Faravahar Meenakari necklace AC-1560 is made with copper and steel materials. This necklace is designed with the national symbol of ancient Iran and the Zoroastrian religion, which can order in Iranian blue color for women and men.

Details of Faravahar Meenakari necklace AC-1560

The Meenakari necklace is made with a precise and delicate painting of the Iranian national symbol on copper, which was placed inside the furnace to record the image. You can use this necklace with a hypoallergenic steel chain.

Meenakari is original art in Iran, painting on metal and recording with the furnace's heat, mainly used to make decorative dishes. But they make beautiful Meenakari jewelry by modeling authentic Iranian designs, which are handmade.

About Faravahar: In Iran, these motifs signify three important principles for humanity, good speech, good deeds, and good thoughts. To have humanity, we must behave, speak, and think well! The role of Faravahar is one of the important symbols in Zoroastrian religion and the Achaemenid era.

Matching style with Faravahar Meenakari necklace AC-1560

Faravahar Meenakari necklace AC-1560 has a classic style, which can use with classic, vintage, and casual styles. Of course, your style should use white, yellow, brown, gray, black, green, and orange colors. This necklace can be used for men with classic and casual styles, but it is better in your style with appropriate accessories, such as; Pairing a handbag with Achaemenid motifs or a wallet with Iranian motifs. 

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