black and white canvas art
gold framed wall art
black and gold wall art - details
black canvas art
black canvas art
black and white canvas art
gold framed wall art
black and gold wall art - details
black canvas art
black canvas art

Black and Gold Wall Art a Lady Painting AG-1485

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Dimensions: 120*80 cm (Changeable)

Technique: Oil Color Painting

Topic: figurative painting

Frame Color: Golden

Includes the artist's signature

Easy to Clean


Once again, CyrusCrafts artists created unique canvas painting artwork. In addition to being a simple painting, this lady painting contains a beautiful Persian poem. It is good to know that all the painting artworks of the CyrusCrafts group are unique works of Iranian artists. Still, you can order any wall painting designs in the size you want. Stay with us in this text to get to know all the details of this lady's painting.
black and gold wall art

Large Wall Art Figurative Painting

  • Color composition: the background of this beautiful oil painting is cream, considered a neutral color, the primary color used in this painting is black, which is the dress of the lady, and also white, orange, and blue colors have made this unique artwork so lovely and desirable. Due to its versatile colors, you can use this simple painting next to any other type of home wall design and complete your interior design.
  • Writing: The text in this large canvas wall art has an improvisation style. Since poetry has had a special place in the culture and art of the Iranian civilization for a long time, it gives a unique credit to this magnificent large canvas art.
  • Style: Perhaps the best description of this work is figurative art with an oil paint technique. Painting of women's elegance has long been one of the favorite subjects of painters.
  • Framework: We deliver this modern canvas art painting in a framed form, so you don't have to bother framing it. This painted canvas's framework is a durable gold-colored alloy, a popular color in interior decoration.

In this passage, you get acquainted with the details of this big canvas wall art and get to know it completely. Just visit our online art gallery and fill out the order form if you want to order this oil-color painting artwork. Our United States and Canada colleagues will deliver your orders at the fastest time. Don't forget that seeing your comments in the product review section makes us happy and helps us offer you better services.

120*80 cm
Material AG
Oil Paints
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