SAEDINIA Sugar free Chocolate
SAEDINIA Sugar-free Chocolate
SAEDINIA Sugar free Chocolate
SAEDINIA Sugar-free Chocolate

SAEDINIA Sugar free Chocolate Ta-1715 | 100 grams

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Weight: 100 grams

Packaging Size: 

Best Consumption Time: 6 months

Ingredients: cocoa mass, natural vanilla, cocoa dough, Inulin.


The "Mohammad SAEDINIA" Persian sweets, in line with the development and production of innovative products, is proud to offer an ideal and exciting choice with the production of "Sugar-Free Chocolate Tablets" (sweetened with the natural Stevia plant) for those who have decided to abstain from sugar consumption.

About SAEDINIA Sugar free Chocolate Ta-1715

"Stevia" is a natural sweetener; it is a source of hope and joy for those on a diet plan or who need to control their body's sugar levels. Stevia is a low-calorie natural sweetener that aids in weight loss and reducing weight by controlling and maintaining blood sugar levels. It is considered an ideal substitute for sugar in individuals with diabetes.

Long-term consumption of Stevia significantly plays a role in improving the immune system's functionality. By eliminating sugar and preserving the pure chocolate taste, this product can be the best option for a gift to those who have decided to pay more attention to their sugar intake.

Why CyrusCrafts?

CyrusCrafts gourmet store, presents a selection of top-notch Persian treats, showcasing globally acclaimed chocolates and candies. Our commitment to excellence in crafting, marketing, and international distribution guarantees a unique and delightful taste journey. Serving the preferences of individuals residing in the Middle East, the United States, and Canada, CyrusCrafts is poised to meet your culinary desires.

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