Shirin Asal Chocolate
Shirin Asal Chocolate Dragee
Shirin Asal Chocolate
Shirin Asal Chocolate Dragee

Shirin Asal Chocolate Dragee Ta-1721 | 150 grams

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Weight: 150 grams

Calories: 102 kcal per 100 gr

Flavor : Plain - Honey - Coffee - Cocoa


Shirin Asal Chocolate with Mixed Nut Core, a 150-gram delightful confection, is one of the newest sweet treats introduced by the Sweet Asal Food Industries group for enthusiasts of honey-sweet products. 

About Shirin Asal Chocolate Dragee Ta-1721

The combination of chocolate dragee with edible nuts imparts an unparalleled and extraordinary taste to this Chocolate with Mixed Nut Core. The variety in color and the tablet-like, smart packaging have made it globally appealing. We recommend this new and delicious product from Shirin Asal, the Chocolate Dragee with Mixed Nut Core, for your joyful hours and friendly gatherings, allowing you to create delightful memories with an exceptional and energizing treat.

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Shirin Asal
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