Chichak Iranian Chocolate
Chichak Iranian Chocolate

Chichak Iranian Chocolate Ta-1723 | 400 gram

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Weight: 400 grams

Calories: 531 kcal per 100 gr

Produced in Iran


Chocolate, in addition to being delicious, can have various positive effects on both the physical and mental health of our bodies. It has the potential to improve heart function and even contribute to skin rejuvenation. Consuming a piece of chocolate can significantly reduce anxiety and stress, especially if it contains a layer of coconut.

About Chichak Iranian Chocolate Ta-1723

The first unique feature of Chichak coconut chocolate is its unique and unparalleled coconut flavor that delights every discerning palate upon consumption. Coconut chocolate not only carries the qualities of chocolate but also incorporates the benefits of coconut, making it a nutritious and valuable food item.

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Discover a selection of exquisite Persian treats at CyrusCrafts Gourmet Store, showcasing globally acclaimed chocolates and candies. Our commitment to the art of crafting, effective marketing, and widespread distribution guarantees a unique and delightful culinary journey. Tailored to suit the preferences of individuals across the Middle East, the United States, and Canada, CyrusCrafts is poised to meet your culinary desires with exceptional excellence.

400 gr
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