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Persian Mazlaghan 4x7 Handwoven Wool Red Vintage Rug RC-1983

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Material(s): Wool

Weave Type: Handmade

Primary Color | Secondary Color(s): Pink

Pattern(s): Central Medallion

Motif: Herati | Bote

Dimensions: 4'2" by 6'9" | 130 cm by 212 cm

City of Origin: Mazlaghan, Save

Knot Density (Raj / KPSI):-


There is a story lying behind every Persian Mazlaghan carpet holding up to be told which is prized for its perplexing designs, themes, and colors. You will also find not only delicate designs but vibrant and distinctive color palettes and weaving techniques inherited through past generations. 

High-quality Material in Mazlaghan Rug RC-1983

Handwoven using wool, this Persian rug, is made by skilled weavers, resulting in a premium product that is renowned for its durability and timeless beauty. The main material is often derived from local sheep prized for its softness, resilience, and special ability to maintain the color for years to come. these characteristics contribute to making these rugs suitable for commercial and residential settings.

Cultural Significance of Mazlaghan Rug RC-1983

These 4x7 rugs are not only artistic but also historically exquisite. A tangible link to history and culture is represented in their patterns and forms, which depict the skills of the weavers. This vintage rug carries cultural significance, serving as a symbol of the artistic heritage of the Mazlaghan region. This Persian rug is representative of traditions, making it a noticeable piece of history and art. All of the elements that have been used in weaving this kind of rug carry symbolic patterns, from geometric to flora motifs, and stand for fertility and prosperity. 

Construction of Mazlaghan Rug RC-1983 

These Persian rugs are known for their resilience and durability due to their high-quality materials and construction techniques. A sturdy backing is featured in this wool handwoven rug to withstand heavy foot traffic and furniture placement without losing its shape, color, or texture. This backing structure can result in additional support and stability, which reinforce the rug and protect it from distortion. 

Persian Mazlaghan Rug RC-1983 in Toronto 

There is detailed, complete information about the Persian Mazlaghan rug. You will find this product and similar ones on Cyruscrafts, and you can order online or through WhatsApp, however, make sure to inquire before placing your order. Your order will be available in Ontario and Toronto and delivered to your location. 

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~ 4' x 7' (120cm x 210cm)
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Floral Medallion-Allover
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